A poll that works and a few more details

Thank you so much for your responses so far!

I’m sorry that last poll didn’t work.

Here is a new one:

Charming requested that I not post any details with my first post to see what people’s unbiased answers were.

But now that you’re asking, I’m allowed to tell… :)

  • Yes, Bubbers is still sleeping great in his crib.
  • No, Bubbers has never tried to climb out of his crib (knock on wood)
  • Yes, the baby will eventually take over his crib.  However, a neighbor has generously offered to lend us a nice co-sleeper/portable crib that baby can use if we’d like to keep Bubbers in the crib and not have to buy another one.
  • No, we don’t have a bed, yet.  When we transition him, we’d like to go ahead and go to a bunk bed.

Our general concerns with a bed are:

  • The cost (which could be delayed for quite a while by borrowing the co-sleeper)
  • Is he too young?
  • Will he stop napping?
  • Will he try to get out at night/during a nap?

Thank you again for your great advice–it is really helpful!



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9 thoughts on “A poll that works and a few more details

  1. If you do decide to let him sleep in a big boy bed, I would make sure the room is super baby proffed- even the closet. I put a doorknob squeezer lock thing on the inside of my little one’s door so he can’t get out. (a baby gate would work too. He didn’t stop taking naps except for the first month; he was enjoying hte new found freedom. I’d still leave him in his room for at least 1 hour during nap time so he knew he couldn’t come out just becasue he was awake and not in his bed.

  2. i will just tell you, right here and now, that Bubbers will suddenly look like a big boy when we bring new baby brother home! but when you put him in a twin bed, he’ll look like a teeny tiny baby … so it’s a trade off. it’s all a matter of growing up! he’s going to do it … all too soon!

  3. Since my kids are spaced differently, I’ve experienced good and bad. Ainsley was almost three when we moved her, pending the arrival of Aftyn. She didn’t adjust well at all. Maybe because she had more understanding of what was going on(?) I had to lay down with her for a good month while she fell asleep, not comfortable being hugely pregnant. Aftyn had a much easier transition, being not quite 2. We set up her bed in her room while she slept in her crib and used it for reading books on. We did this for a few weeks and she had no trouble at all when we finally moved her. Neither of my girls realized there was even a choice to get out of bed for about 6 months and even then it was not too bad. You just have to be consistent. If you do decide to get a bed, try Craigslist. We got Aftyn’s that way plus a dresser and nightstand for a great price.

  4. We got Elora a bed at about 26 months, Josh was six months old and still in the Bassinet in our bedroom. She loved her bed and had a hard time with naps for a few weeks..now she will take naps, but I literally have to stay and sing to her till she falls asleep or its not happening.
    Right now Joshua goes down for a nap with no help, so I’m very wary about getting him into a bed to early (which will be in Elora’s room) because if it doesn’t end his naps, it will definitely end hers!
    For now, we think we’ll do the same as before: leave him in the crib till the baby is several months old…like maybe the Christmas after its born. Then we’ll see how things work out!

  5. It sounds to me, just from what you wrote, that you are leaning towards keeping him in his crib a bit longer. Go with your mommy gut:)

    And yes, once you put them in a bed there will be all kinds of nap-time and night-time antics for awhile. But he’ll learn to be civilized eventually:)

  6. I’ve always loved to keep each of my little monkies in their crib as long as it’ll contain ’em. ;) And then, like Charlotte said, there IS a transition period where sleep will be lost (hopefully only on his part, not yours!) and nerves will be frayed, but he’ll get the hang of it eventually and stay there.

    Matt was about 25 months old when we switched him; Jacob was a couple of months younger than that. With Jacob I had to park myself outside his door and hold it whenever he tried to get out, then say in a calm voice (this was really hard!) “No. Go get back in your bed.” When he did I would go in, tuck him back in (he couldn’t do the blankets on his on yet) w/o speaking to him, except for maybe a quick “night-night”. We’d repeat this over and over until he fell asleep. Took about two weeks for him to finally get the idea. Exhausting (I was 6 mos. prego w/ Lizzy during all this) but worth it.

    Good luck! Let us know what you decide. :)

  7. Oops, had the math wrong – Matt was actually nearly 31 months old when he got his “big boy bed”! :)

  8. I am going through the same debate, and Jilly is like 5 months older than Bubbers. My personal vote is to keep her in the crib, because she does so well in it and I really want to keep her contained. Her crib does convert to a toddler bed, so we can always change it when she gets older. We don’t have room for a big person’s bed, so it has to be a crib or toddler bed. Anyway, I vote keep him in the crib! If he doesn’t try to get out and still does well in it, why mess with one more thing when the new baby comes?

  9. It sounds to me like you have some time. I think I’d wait until you are getting closer to needing the crib for the baby. If he’s doing well in the crib, there’s nothing wrong with leaving him there for now, and if your co-sleeper is like mine, it’ll hold the new baby for a while. I would try to get the big-boy bed a few months before you want the baby moved to the crib. That will give him some time to adjust and start thinking of the big bed as his rather than the crib being his.

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