Snapshot in Time: 21/22 months

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New developments:

  • Officially weaning from nursing at 20 months
  • Counting! (up to twelve)
  • Walking up and down the stairs while holding onto the banister bars
  • Singing church songs all by himself
  • Knowing the names, sounds and ASL signs for all the letters of the alphabet
  • Singing the whole A-B-C song (except “M” and “N”)
  • Saying prayers all by himself
  • Trying to read words
  • Stringing beads onto a string
  • Frequently talking about things that happened in the past with a memory like an elephant
  • Using his new “tep tool” (step stool) to do things by himself (e.g., climbing into his booster seat, or onto the bed, toilet, bar stools, etc.)
  • Spontaneously saying, “Hi!” (in a dear, sweet, high-pitched voice) and waving to kids at the playground, dogs, cats, fish, seagulls, dog footprints, insects and stuffed animals
  • Transitioning from two naps a day to one a day
  • Transitioning to a later bedtime

(Sorry the next two are so technical–I wanted to keep detailed notes for myself)


  • Amazingly clear and precise articulation
  • Frequently produces multisyllabic words and multi-word utterances of multisyllabic words
  • Self corrects when he makes an articulation error
  • Intently watches me when I model new words
  • Accurately articulates:
    • almost all consonant sounds as singletons (including /k/ & /g/, /dz/, /r/ and voiceless “th”) at the word level in at least one word position
    • many consonant clusters in the medial and final word positions
  • Started producing:
    • initial fricatives (/s/, “sh”, etc.) that he had previously deleted (“un” for sun) on Sun, 2/1/09 (21 mos old)
    • initial /s/ clusters (/sn/ in snow) that he had previously reduced (“nowman” for snowman, “side” for slide, “nake” for snake) on Mon, 3/9/09 (22 mos old)
  • Current articulation errors include:
    • deleted /l/ (e.g., “ike” for like)
    • stopped voiced “th” (e.g., “dis” for this)
    • a slightly interdentalized initial /s/ or /z/ on some words (e.g., “song”, “zoom”), but is often inconsistent and always cute :)


  • Expressive vocabulary between the 90th and 95th percentile (MacArthur CDI, 22 mos old)
  • Produces utterances:
    • 1-5 words in length
    • with a mean length of utterance of 2-3 words
    • that are often telegraphic with mainly content words, but using function words more and more
  • Produces the grammatical morphemes:
    • possessive /s/
    • plural /s/
    • present participle “-ing” (e.g., “Seagull drinking rain”)
  • Receptively identifies:
    • all colors (except white) correctly
    • all shapes correctly
    • the numbers 3, 7 and 8 correctly
  • Accurately answers the following “wh-” questions about the present or past:
    • what
    • where
    • who
  • Spontaneously:
    • apologizes (“Oh… sorry!”) in the sweetest voice
    • says, “Hi!” in the sweetest voice
    • says his own prayers
    • sings songs
  • Some of my favorite utterances in the past week:
    • “Sing door Mommy quick.”
    • “Train track together!”
    • “Hi doggy footprints!  Hi!”
    • “Mommy tep tool is?”
    • “Oh… sorry, Mommy do it.”
    • “Energy push Nomas.”
    • “No touch him fly.”
    • “Granola bar birds eat it.”
    • “Baby kickin’.”
    • “Baby movin’, see, see!”
    • “Come on, baby.  Come on, baby.” (said in sweet brotherese to my belly with both hands placed on it)
    • “All done ogurt?” (yogurt)
    • “Pushing train track.  Bubbers do it.”
    • “Train track uptairs.  Farm set uptairs quick.”
    • “Ots a poopoos in dere.” (Lots of poopoos in there) (in reference to his dirty diaper)
    • “Ike it?  Gad!” (Like it?  Glad!) (as we shared an Otter Pop)
    • “Socks off.  Sippry socks.” (Slippery socks)

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What he’s doing right now:

  • Sleeping for the night and very happy to be reunited with his “geen banket” (green blanket) that was washed last night after he threw up on it earlier in the day

Teeth watch:

  • Waiting for two year molars

What he’s wearing:

  • 24 mos. onesies, tops, bottoms and socks
  • size 6 1/2 shoes
  • size 4 diapers (but contemplating size 5 diapers may be on the horizon because he’s leaking more than usual…)

How he’s sleeping:

  • About 12 hours at night (6 pm-6 am) until a few days ago when we gradually moved his bedtime to 7 pm for a trial run
  • Morning nap at 10 am for an hour

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His Favorites:

  • “Bubbers do it”
  • “Pay a bill!”
  • “No, run away!” or “No, run away chairs!” or “No, run away chairs kitchen!”
  • “Daddy hoooome!!”
  • “Go park see kids”
  • “A-B-C’s computer”
  • “Ride Nomas garage” (Thomas)
  • “Read books”
  • “Peek-ee-boo!!” in Mommy’s hanging shirts :):)
  • “Nursery, play-doh!”
  • “Get You!” or “Chase You!”
  • “One-two-fee-side!” (slide)
  • “More oomik” (more music)
  • “Milk bottle”
  • “High five!” to people at the nursing home
  • “Ibrary!” (library)
  • “Afabet tain” (alphabet train) game at the library
  • “Pawcorn!” (popcorn)
  • “One-two-fee-jump!” on the bed
  • “Chopichip cookies” (chocolate chip cookies)
  • “Brown bear, brown bear see”
  • “Baby bear, baby bear see”
  • “Paa bear, paa bear see” (Panda bear)
  • Flushing the toilet
  • “Sing songs”
  • “Sing door” at bedtime
  • “Jump song!” (title he made up for A-B-C’s song with ASL signs, sounds and example word)
  • “Kee George museum” or “Keerious Door museum” (Curious George at the Children’s museum)
  • His good friend “Efan” (Ethan)
  • Naming family members and objects in the vicinity
  • Singing songs (“Wise Man”, “Clean Up” song, “Book of Mormon Stories”)

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His Not-So-Favorites:

  • Getting his toe nails clipped
  • Being told it’s time to change his diaper

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Daddy’s Favorites:

  • How he says “you” about himself instead of “me”
  • When he wants me to chase him (“CHASE YOU!!”) (see above)
  • HAT! When I put him on my head and let him fall to the couch on his back (while holding him, of course)
  • Upside down!! When I hold him upside down by his legs, just above the knee and dip him up and down
  • When he goes and hides in the corner by his dresser and giggles while I look for him
  • How he wants his stuffed animals to play with the crocodile game
  • How he thinks he always has to be the one to flush the toilet
  • His great love for Jello, especially slurping it like Daddy
  • How much he loves his Thomas the train riding thing
  • How much he loves pushing buttons
  • “Pay a bill!”
  • How he repeats random things from all of our sentences
  • As always, the hugs and kisses
  • Putting him to sleep when he wakes up at night
  • Hearing “love you”, “nite-nite”, “bye bye” before bed
  • His scream of joy when I come home followed by running in circles
  • Going to see all the buses with him
  • Letting him “drive” the car and push all the buttons
  • Puddles
  • Giving him rides
  • Drawing with him
  • Playing “ahtzee” with him
  • 2!
  • Hearing him laugh his head off when Mommy tickles him
  • Seeing him and Mommy read books on the couch together
  • When he picks up my head by my hair so I sit up
  • Boots!
  • Hearing him talk to himself or sing to himself

Dad’s Not-So-Favorites:

  • How fast he’s growing up
  • When he whines

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • More wrestling
  • More talking
  • Playing catch
  • Seeing him in Primary

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Mommy’s Favorites:

  • When he tells me what he’s thinking about
  • His glowing smile when I help him down slides
  • Making him giggle when I tickle his neck, armpits and sides (especially during a game of “Get You!”)
  • When he tries to “read” and assumes that a word says what’s inside of it (e.g., “Sports Authority” on the store front says “tetherball”)
  • The adorable “stomp-stomp-stomp!” of his little feet when he’s running laps around the house or playing “Get You!”
  • When he whispers while saying a prayer and then suddenly talks loudly when we ask him to speak up :):)
  • Hiding in my hanging shirts and peeking at me through a hanger with two little hands and two little eyes showing
  • His spontaneous apologies and greetings that are so sweet they melt my heart
  • When he repeats funny things we say (especially the random exclamations of “Garbage” or “Deeb”)
  • Cuddling with him during his bottles
  • His sweet voice saying good night through his door at night :):)
  • How much he loves to play with other children
  • When he talks to baby in my belly :):)
  • His spontaneous hugs and kisses (sigh!!)
  • When he hides from Daddy during “Get You!” by hugging onto my legs and burying his face in my thigh
  • How his eyes light up with delight and humor
  • Watching his joy overflow as he plays with his Daddy
  • Giving his Daddy horsey rides up the stairs at bedtime
  • When he plays with my hair
  • What a sweet, happy, fun boy he is
  • How much he loves church and nursery
  • His amazing memory
  • His sweet renditions of “Once There was a Snowman” and “Book of Mormon Stories”
  • How much he loves us

Mom’s Not-So-Favorites:

  • How fast his second year of life has gone–much faster than his first year
  • The acrobatic feat of clipping his toenails

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • Celebrating Easter with him!!
  • Testing his articulation when he turns 2 and is old enough for a standardized test :):):)
  • Seeing him be a big brother
  • More loves, laughs and melting hearts
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