A Child’s First Prayers

Yesterday, on the way home in the car, Bubbers started talking to himself.

At first I thought he was just talking about what we’d done at the library.

Or what we were going to do at home.

But then I caught the words “protected” and later “Jesus Christ, Amen.”

I smiled as I looked at him in the rearview mirror, “Did you just say a prayer?”

He looked sweetly back at me with hands that were still folded.

Not wanting to miss his first spontaneous prayer ever, I asked hopefully, “Will you say it again?”

He paused for a moment, scrunched his eyes closed and began:

“Dear Heavly Faer, Gan gu for cars.  Baby safe, poteg, trong.  Desus Chist, Amen.”

[Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for cars.  Baby safe, protected, strong.  Jesus Christ, Amen.]

My heart melted right through the floor board of the car.

My son had just said his first prayer.

And it was a real prayer.

And he had asked Heavenly Father to bless his baby brother.

“Oh, thank you,” I managed to say, “That was a beautiful, sweet prayer.  You did a great job.”

Then I repeated the words to myself over and over until I got home so I could write it down.

And I planned to share it with his Daddy, whom I knew would be sad he missed it.

But later that afternoon, he did it again for his Daddy before I said anything.

They had set up a stuffed animal picnic together and Daddy suddenly asked Bubbers if he would say the prayer to bless the plastic food.

Bubbers immediately folded his hands, scrunched his eyes closed and began:

“Dear Heavly Faer, Gan gu for picic.  Tank tu for Daddy home.  Desus Chist, Amen.”

[Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for picnic.  Thank you for Daddy home.  Jesus Christ, Amen.]

Incredibly touched, Daddy reached out and lovingly hugged his son.

Daddy was out of town for a few days earlier this week on a business trip, so having Daddy home meant even more than usual to us all.

“Thank you, Little Man,” he said quietly, “I love you and I’m so glad I’m home, too.”

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  1. that is so cute! Josh does pretty good at prayer time, but hasn’t said one yet. He’d probably do even better if his sister wasn’t so naughty! She used to fold her arms and close eyes, but now she’s determined not to comply unless its her turn for a prayer.

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