What are we doing wrong?

We scrub and we soak and we lather with soap.

PICT0054 edited

But it never gets clean.

Is there any hope for us?

Or do I just take it back to Costco?

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6 thoughts on “What are we doing wrong?

  1. I don’t know but we have the same issues with our non-stick pans. Usually we end up getting rid of them fairly quickly. It’s enough to make a girl go cast iron, I tell you.

  2. How old is it? The teflon might be breaking down… I hate that.

    As to Charlotte’s comment- this is one of a few reasons that I use cast iron a lot.

  3. Just the other day I had left my pan on the stove and forgot to turn it off, so it was burnt on sticky-ness. I used baking soda as an “abraisive” cleanser. That worked OK, and didn’t scratch. Then I used Barkeepers Friend mild abraisive cleaner, like Comet, but bleach free. That worked better and didn’t scratch. If you use you pans on too high heat, that will cause the oil to stick, too. I never, ever use the highest heat except to boil water. The highest I use is 7. Hope this helps.

  4. Heidi,
    Just got caught up on all your posts…You are doing such a great job with that little guy! I work nights so I can be with my kids all the time! It is so nice to get out do what you love to do and come home and get all those hugs and warm feelings!

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