How to Install a Couch Slipcover

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Step 1: Find yourself in possession of a very comfortable couch that has seen better days.

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Step 2: Lay slipcover across the middle of it.

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Step 3: Consult written directions for the next step while giggling son climbs all over it.

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Step 4: Remove giggling son and spread slipcover over half of the couch.

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Step 5: Consult written directions for next step while giggling son races to abandoned couch…..

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….. And gets a suspicious twinkle in his eyes.

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Step 6: Shake your head and laugh as giggling son climbs all over your work.

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Step 7: Mercilessly tickle armpits of giggling son until he is paralyzed with delicious laughter.

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Step 8: Remove giggling son and cover the rest of the couch with slipcover while giggling son returns.

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Step 9: Give up and wait until giggling son is asleep and strong husband is home to do some serious tucking.

How many firefighters does it take to rescue a toddler?


Two to provide the tools.

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Two to saw the doorknob off a locked closet.

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One to give the rescued toddler a plastic firefighter hat.

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And another to give him junior firefighter badge stickers.


Tip for the Day:

If you ever buy a house that (very strangely) has door knobs on random doors around the house…..

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….. That can only be unlocked by a key.

And the previous owner doesn’t give you that key.

Replace the door knobs.

Before you have to call 9-1-1.


Tender Mercies:

  • Of the five doors in our house like this, Bubbers picked the safest one to suddenly learn to lock himself behind.
  • My blessed son waited to lock himself in my closet with all my clothes until after I was fully dressed for the day.
  • He remained completely calm as we waited and talked through the door about the firefighters who were coming to help him open the door.
  • The firefighters were extremely understanding, helpful and sweet toward Bubbers.
  • Bubbers loves to play peek-a-boo in my hanging shirts.  So when I told him to go hide in my clothes before the firefighter started to saw, he knew what I was talking about and did it.  So he was safe.


Where we’re headed after lunch:

To pick up five new non-key lock door knobs at Lowe’s.


p.s. The last time I called 9-1-1 was almost exactly one year ago.

And it also involved a locked door.

That’s bizarre.

Our Little Musician

My favorite things about this video:

  • His adorable enthusiasm
  • His cute little voice
  • How he plays “silent” slides off the harmonica
  • That his Daddy taught him how to play
  • How much he loves to see himself on the video camera screen (and what a funny, unpredictable ham he becomes!)
  • How carefully he puts the harmonica away
  • How I ask him to play after he’s so carefully put it in its case
  • His sweet requests to “See self” after I close the video camera screen
  • His dear wave and “Love you”
  • That he knows his Daddy is coming home after a business trip out of town :):)

p.s. Thank you for the harmonica, Papa and gg!  We all love it.

What are the odds?

Yesterday morning, my Prince Charming announced he was taking a surprise vacation day from work.

He had canceled all his meetings and cleared his schedule to stay home and have fun with me and the Little Man.

I was so excited!

He had never surprised me with a vacation day like this before and I thought it was wonderful.

Unfortunately, my body had other plans.

And a few hours later, it was painfully clear that I had suddenly contracted a bad stomach virus.

So Charming spent his surprise vacation day playing with Bubbers and taking care of me as I languished on the couch.

And I repeatedly told him how sorry I was that we weren’t having the fun he had planned.

But every time he sweetly replied, “I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

And then he’d cover me with a blanket or hand me a new can of ginger ale.

It’s been an absolute blessing to have him home.

But I do hope another surprise vacation day comes our way when a stomach virus doesn’t. :)