Evidence of a Nap Not Taken

PICT0002 edited

Behold a room where a nap has not taken place.

PICT0006 edited

Where a treasured dog had previously been tucked into a loving right arm.

PICT0005 edited

And a cherished polar bear into the left.

PICT0007 edited

Where two socks had previously been warming cute toes.

PICT0010 edited

And a comfortable pillow…..

PICT0009 edited

Had been covered by a Mother Teresa pillowcase.

PICT0011 edited

And where a soft blanket had been carefully tucked around…..

PICT0014 edited

….. A sweet Bubbers Monster.

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7 thoughts on “Evidence of a Nap Not Taken

  1. Reason number 2 (after smothering) to not put anything with kids into their cribs;) Just wait until the baby comes along though and Big Brother Bubbers fills his crib with all kinds of goodies to throw!

  2. Great pictures! :) And I think it’s funny that he throws all his stuff out – Lizzy does that too. Why is it that they feel like they have to “bail” everything out? It’s as if they’re trying to say, “There’s no WAY I am sleeping now! See? All the stuff I need for that is gone!” Just hope he doesn’t start stripping more than his socks off… ;)

  3. Actually I think maybe Bubbers might have been set up…I’m sure that sweetheart wouldn’t do that!

  4. So cute! And so familiar. I totally let my kids sleep with stuff too. Most the time it keeps them happy in bed and helps them go to to sleep by themselves. But once in a while…

  5. That sound like my kids…..except isabelle gets into her toys and they are everywhere when i go in there to get them up from naps. very cute!

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