“Gigigi House!” (by the Bubbers King)

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Hello my dear blog friends!

Have you ever made a gigigi house before?

Well, before this last Christmas, I never had!

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And….. neither had my Dad!

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Or….. my Mom!

(Well, wait, no….. She has made them with graham crackers before, but never one with real gigigi before).

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And even Papa and gg were able to join in the fun while they were visiting!

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So I watched and listened very carefully.

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Asked to make sure I was using the right pieces.

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And then gently placed them where I wanted them.

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(Oh, and please excuse my sweaty hair….. Prior to this I had been running around, playing and laughing with Papa and Daddy). :)

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And somewhere along the line, I realized everything on the gigigi house was candy!

So from that day on, every time I spied the finished gigigi house up on the kitchen counter, I eagerly pointed and asked Mommy for a “gigigi house star”.

Or a “gigigi house circle”.

Or just plain old “gigigi house”.

And let me tell you, it was heaven on earth!


Mommy started wondering how long gigigi houses are good for.

And finally decided two months had to be stretching it.

So she had me wave goodbye to the poor, bare gigigi house.

And then dumped it into the trash can.


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I will always have fond dreams of my first gigigi house.

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And my wonderful family who made it with me!

p.s. My Mom asked me to include this clip of how I said “gigigi house”. (Because she really liked it. :) And she also liked my “yes” grunt. And my strange, soggy burps).

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4 thoughts on ““Gigigi House!” (by the Bubbers King)

  1. Oh I love his little chubby fingers! We made that exact same gingerbread house this year too – except our kids ate waaaay more candy during the building phase;) We have a New Year’s Day tradition where we get the “candy house” down and let the kids attack it with butter knives. They get one hour to eat whatever they want off it and then it goes in the trash.

    Glad you all had so much fun!

  2. I use to make a gingerbread house every year. This brought back memories…. cute little boy.

  3. Making a Gingerbread house is on my list every year. I want to try from scratch and use all sorts of cool ingredients. Unfortunately, I never get around to making one… maybe next year!

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