Why God Created Fathers

The more I see Charming and the Little Man together, the more I understand why God created Fathers.

I have the feeling that God knew Mothers would be great at making and telling flannel board stories.

At building sheet forts to house stuffed animal picnics.

And at filling old laundry detergent buckets with dry pinto beans for endless scooping fun.


I’m pretty sure God also knew that only Fathers would have the depth of creative humor to tell their child…..

PICT0008 edited

….. To get into the bucket o’ pinto beans.

PICT0004 edited

And only those wonderfully humorous Fathers would then parade that bucket o’ pinto beans and child around the house.

With great laughter and joy for all. :)

And just when Mother would think the fun was over…..

PICT0009 edited

….. Father would then set the bucket o’ pinto beans and child on the kitchen counter!

PICT0018 edited

Creating the cutest, most bizarre tableau ever conceived.

PICT0013 edited

With the child loving every minute of it!

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8 thoughts on “Why God Created Fathers

  1. That’s hilarious! It almost looks like Bubber’s has no legs. PS> Your kitchen is so light and pretty! PPS> Heidi – you are looking FANTASTIC these days!

  2. Oh, Charlotte! You totally made my day! I thought I looked like a big… mass… of baby, so you totally made me smile! :)

    And we thought the SAME thing about Bubbers. He looks like half a Bubbers–too funny! :)

    And I’m so glad you like our kitchen! We love all the light and windows in this new house. It really helps on rainy days. :)

  3. Our plan is to label the bucket “Disabled Vietnam Vet…Please Help” and set him down at the freeway off ramp. We’ll make millions!

  4. Haha! Daddy’s are the best! They do have a great way of taking a whole new angle on a game, that mommy may have not of even thought of, a special gift God gave to daddy’s! That is why mommies and daddies make such great teams! God knew what He was doing! ~;o)

  5. Amen to all your comments.

    You look fabulous.

    Thank goodness for daddies who do all the things we mommies would never think of or have energy for.

  6. Little boys certainly need their fathers for all sorts of adventures and Little Man has a great one.

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