A Pedestal and the Tower of Babel

Back in September, a friend at church asked if I could help out with an upcoming church activity for all the children in our congregation.

“Of course!!” I replied, “What can I do??”

I love working with children, so I was happy to jump in and help where they wanted me.

“We want you to take pictures of each of the children,” she smiled.

I immediately agreed and showed up with my camera and an extra battery.


And the 17-month-old Bubbers King, of course.

His wonderful, hard working Daddy was at school that Saturday, so Bubbers got to hang out with me and the “big kids” for the morning.

When we got there, we went to the gym where the leaders had set up a bunch of different scripture story stations through which the groups of children rotated.

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Goliath made a very impressive appearance at his station.

And there was also Noah’s Ark and the Tower of Babel in attendance.

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As well as a station from The Book of Mormon to “hunt” animals with Nephi’s new bow (…or ping pong balls). :)

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Which was a personal favorite of the Bubbers King.

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And the one I was assigned to was the “Medals” station.

To be honest, I missed the scriptural correlation here…..

….. But I do know that each child would make a medal and then stand on a little “pedestal” in front of a celebratory sign for me to take their picture.

So I got to meet each and every one of the children in our congregation as they marched through one by one.

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Like this little beauty here.

Whom I’ve actually had the privilege to know for many years now (and, I might add, is getting much older than I ever gave her permission to be).

We were in the same ward back when Charming and I lived in our townhouse.

Which means she knew me before Bubbers!

Back when I taught singing time for all the children and cherished every second of it.

And she was always a sweetie–so well-behaved and attentive.

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And this is her adorable little sister.

Who used to run up to me when I walked into nursery to sing songs with the little tykes and give me the biggest hugs!

She would make my whole Sunday with her huge smile and warm hugs!

And now I can’t believe she’s old enough to be in Primary.

And that I have a son old enough to be in nursery…..!

We missed them when we moved out of our townhouse, so we were thrilled to see them and their parents in our newest ward when we moved again last year.

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And while I took pictures and relived old memories, Bubbers stayed close by and observed.

Stealing ride-on toys from a nearby station.

And every so often…..

PICT0238 edited

….. Climbing up on the pedestal himself.

Just because that’s what everyone else was doing.

PICT0221 edited

Uh….. What now?!?

PICT0252 edited

Then he’d look around and get his fill.

And eventually climb down as I laughed and shook my head.

Then after it was all over, we headed out to the parking lot and ran into…..

PICT0512 edited

Bubbers’ wonderful babysitter!

Whom he adores.

And irreverently calls out to and flirts with across the chapel at church every week.

And who promptly showed him how to build his own personal Tower of Babel!

PICT0513 edited

And then knock it down!

PICT0516 edited

Needless to say, it was an immediate hit.

PICT0518 edited

And was eagerly repeated.

PICT0521 edited


PICT0528 edited

And again!!

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  1. The girls will certainly get a kick out of this. They both think Bubber’s is so adorable. Janaya wishes she was old enough to babysit him.

  2. Oooh! Wouldn’t that be so fun to have her babysit him? (But secretly, I’m glad she’s not old enough for that… She’s already getting way too old too fast!!) :)

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