One Eternal Round (by the Bubbers King)

February 15th, 2009

PICT0097 edited for modesty

Is this thing on?

[It sure is.]

[Go ahead whenever you’re ready!]

Okay, great!

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Hello Everyone!!

Bubbers King here.

Did you know we’re experiencing one eternal round?

That means that Daddy came home with a cold over a month ago.

And then he gave it to me.

So then I gave it to Mommy.

And she’s kept it.

For four weeks now.

But it finally got a lot worse.

And now she’s getting better.

So that’s great!


….. Now I’ve got it again!!

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Aren’t we silly!?!

Ha, ha!

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The End.


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heather | 2/15/2009 8:31 pm

sickness has got to be the hardest part of wintertime. we’ve had colds around here this past week. nasty business! I hope you guys feel better soon.

Wandering Nana-Linda | 2/15/2009 8:49 pm

I hope you feel better, especially since you’re pregnant, that makes it more miserable. Let the B king take care of you….. take his blanket, but be sure he’s dressed first… “}

charlotte | 2/16/2009 6:46 am

Oh nooooo ! You poor things! I’m so glad you are feeling better Heidi. I swear November through March is just one long runny nose at our house. Here’s hoping you have a few weeks of good health soon!

Melissa | 2/16/2009 8:42 am

Yup – fall/winter is one loooooong cold at our place too… And doesn’t it stink to be sick & prego at the same time?? :( My cold always seemed worse when I was pregnant. Did you have a sinus infection? I had a nasty one when I was expecting Jacob, but was VERY happy to find out that antibiotics are safe during pregnancy.

Hope you keep feeling better and that this round isn’t so bad for your little man! :)

Vicki | 2/16/2009 10:54 am

You’re the only one I know that can make a cold being passed around the family so entertaining! Sorry you’ve been so sick but I’m glad it’s improving. (Now no kissing Bubbers while he’s sick! Ya right.)

Darcy D | 2/19/2009 1:54 pm

Dang sickness!!!


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