Cute Quote for the Day

The Wooga Man and I were in the kitchen.

He was happily snacking on an enormous bowl of popcorn.

And I was folding clothes that he had recently outgrown and tucking them into a box for the garage.

When Woogies saw one of his favorite soft pajama sleepers in my hands, he reached out for it.

“Sorry, Little Man,” I said as I folded it up, “It doesn’t fit you anymore.  So we’re going to put it away for your brother.”

He looked at me for a moment and then happily went back to his popcorn.

My hand unconsciously reached for my growing belly as I smiled a private smile and asked the Wooga Man, “Did you know you’re going to have a brother?”

Woogies looked up from his popcorn and studied me.

Then a big grin spread across his face as he confidently replied with teasing eyes, “Silly!

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