A Passion For Reading

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One of Bubbers’ favorite things to do is read books.

We love to curl up together on the couch and read book after book after book together.

We laugh at the funny parts and talk about what’s going to happen next.

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But sometimes, I have to eat breakfast, so he curls up by himself.

And I hear him “reading” it to himself the way I read it to him.

And it just makes me smile.

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And he’s so cute, I have to interrupt him and get some pictures.

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And if I work really, really hard…..

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….. I can get a smile!

And then I’m satisfied and I go back to my yogurt and toast.

But honestly, I’m so glad that he loves to read.

Both Charming and I love to read and learn, so we are eager to pass on that love to him.

And a few months ago, Bubbers surprised us with an intense interest in the alphabet.

I hadn’t planned on teaching him the alphabet when he was only 18 months old.

But I figured I’d follow his lead and do my best to feed his desire to learn.

And so we started alphabet lessons.

Which he devoured like crazy.

So last week I decided to test him to see where he was at, and he could name every single letter.

Holy smokes!

He’s only 21 months old now, so I’ve been contemplating my next move.

On and off I’ve written words for him as part of his language lessons.

Just to expose him to the concept that words are made of letters and to see if he could learn sight words.

But I hadn’t planned on pushing it very hard or trying to teach him to decode, because I assumed that was way over his head.

But today, once again, he proved me wrong…..


“How was he?” I asked as I entered the nursery classroom at the end of church to pick up Bubbers.

The teachers looked at me and smiled, “He was great!”

“Oh good!” my husband said, joining me in the room.

“In fact,” the teachers continued, “We’re going to have him teach the lesson next week.”

“What?” we replied with confusion.

“Yep!” they said, “Did you know he knows the whole alphabet?”

We smiled, “He really likes the alphabet.”

“Yeah, he found an alphabet puzzle and started naming off letters and we thought, “No way does he know all these!” so we started picking them up and testing him and he named every single one!”

We laughed, “Good job, Little Man,” and patted his back.

“And did you know he can read?” they continued.

“What?!” we replied in unison.

“I wrote his name on the magna-doodle and asked him what the letters were,” the male teacher explained, “He named every letter, so then I asked him what it said and he told me!”

“No way!!” we cried, “Are you serious??”

“Yep, he can read his name!”

“Way to go, Sweetie!” I said, sweeping Bubbers up in a big hug and squeezing him tight.

“So, yeah,” his teachers continued, “He’s in charge of the lesson for next week.”

We laughed and I continued to hug my son who’d read his first word and never ceased to amaze me.

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Way to go, Little Man—what a day to remember!

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9 thoughts on “A Passion For Reading

  1. Smart little guy! Teaching lessons in nursery already?

    Gracie was the same way with the alphabet. It is amazing what kids are capable of learning at early ages! I’ve just started a reading program with her. It is a book called ‘Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy lessons.’ It was recommended to me by a friend who has done it with all of her kids when they were 3-4 years old. I had wanted to start it with Grace last summer, but the program includes learning to write, and her fine motor skills weren’t quite ready.

    Reading opens so many new worlds! Good job sparking the flame.

  2. It seems that no matter how smart we think our kids are, they always find some way to surprise us! Way to go Bubbers!!

  3. Amazing! (And such cute pictures! I just love how serious he looks in that first one as he sits contemplating “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”! ;) ) I think it’s so neat how “hungry” he is for learning about letters. Way to go!

  4. Kids his age are like sponges when it comes to learning. At the daycare I work at, we start at 12 months teaching them the alphabet/sounds, shapes, colors, numbers (you get the idea). You would be surprised at how much they can remember if you just go over it everyday.

  5. Wow!! Way to go Bubbers! That is so awesome. Jilly is just now starting to repeat letters after us and sing the ABCs. :-)

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