He did it again!

Yesterday, my Mother commented that the audio files on my “Sweet Prayers” post didn’t work for her.

So that got me thinking that I should do a survey to see what kind of audio players different people have on their computers.

And then I could post the files in the top two or three players.

And then maybe it would work for most people, but probably not everyone.

And it would be a little more work for me, but that was okay.

It would be worth it so more people (and my own dear Mother) could listen to the heart-warming voice of our precious Bubbers King.

But that was all before I factored in…..


….. this man.

Who sent me an email first thing this morning with a new WordPress plug-in that makes audio files work for everyone.



Can you believe it?

I can, because I’ve been married to this man for almost eight years and have seen his computer prowess surpass the highest expectations again and again.

But it still makes me smile and shake my head in amazement every time.

What a guy!

Thank you, My Love!!

p.s. I edited “Sweet Prayers” and replaced the Quicktime players with this new plug-in player. It should work for everyone now, so please enjoy! :)

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2 thoughts on “He did it again!

  1. Cute picture. I know that your husband can do anything on the computer. I’ve needed his help more times than I’ll admit and he always is able to solve the problem. I think they call it being “a computer genius” or something like that!

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