Family Home Evening!

For over a month now, we’ve been having “official” Family Home Evening lessons with the Bubbers King.

Before that, we regularly read scripture stories and sang church songs, but didn’t sit down and have official lessons.

But that all changed when Melissa read my post on Bubbers’ first day of nursery at church and recommended we buy this book:

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It is the lesson manual for nursery.

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And it’s phenomenal.

The lessons are simple, engaging and absolutely touching.

And with the new year, Bubbers’ nursery class started over at the beginning, so we started with them.

And even though Bubbers has an excellent attention span, I was still nervous about how well he’d sit for our new official lessons.


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….. I broke out one of my trusty visual schedules!

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I learned about them in SLP graduate school and it was love at first sight.

Now I use them for everything from teaching primary, singing time and Cub Scouts to doing treatment with children who have cognitive impairments.

And they all love them.

So I attached pictures to correspond to each part of our FHE lesson and prayed their magic would work on the Little Man.

And sure enough, he stared with apt attention when I showed it to him and told him what we were going to do for each picture.

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And as soon as he figured out how it worked, he couldn’t wait for us to finish each picture so he could pull it off and move it to the “all done” strip of velcro.

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And now, the minute we say, “It’s time for Family Home Evening!”

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Bubbers runs and sits in the non-teaching parent’s lap.

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And can’t wait for the fun to begin!!

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8 thoughts on “Family Home Evening!

  1. The new Nursery Manual is awesome. I love it.

    And the visual schedule is a GREAT idea. Might have to steal that one. :)

  2. We used that book to have a little lesson with Jackson for the first time last night. I have felt like we need to start getting more serious about FHE now that he is getting older. I think I’d better get more visuals for him though. And hope that his attention span increases ALOT over the next 3 months before he goes to nursery!

  3. What a great idea! I love the visual schedule. We’re working on learning all the verses to Book of Mormon Stories. It’s been a fun ways to teach the girls about the Gospel. I will definitely have to get that book!

  4. Oh, I’m so glad you are enjoying the manual and are having success with it – and I think it’s great that you’re doing the lessons along with his nursery class. You two are nursery teachers’ dream parents! ;)

    And I LOVE the visual schedule idea! Definitely going to use that – I think my kids would all benefit from that. Especially Matthew – he really seems to need structure, and likes to know exactly what is happening next. Predictability would help him (and hopefully the others) stay more focused during FHE, I think. I bet we could use those in nursery too…

    And how cute are those pics of Charming & Bubbers? Just loved those. :)

  5. I love love love love love your little velcro schedule. The first time I met you in Primary and you used them I was like WOW. WHAT A GAL. So my question: did you make it yourself? Did you buy it? Where can *I* get one? That is a good business idea as well for you! Make some and sell them on etsy or ebay! I want one!

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