“Daddy out”

A few weeks ago, Bubbers saw a picture of his Daddy and stopped to admire it.

“Daddy!” he smiled and leaned down to get a closer look.

I quietly watched from the sidelines, my heart warm and grateful for the wonderful father who has instilled such love in his son.

Then all of a sudden, Bubbers reached out one of his little hands.

It was in cupping shape and he slowly scraped it across the picture–across his father’s body.

At the same time, he said, “Daddy….. out…..”

Then he paused and watched.

When nothing happened, he scooped his hand over Daddy again and repeated, “Daddy out….. Out Daddy.”

My heart melted and broke all at the same times as I knelt down and explained, “Oh, Sweetie, Daddy can’t come out of there.  It’s just a picture.  Daddy is at work.”

Bubbers looked at me with confused, yet hopeful eyes, “Daddy out?”

“No, Sweetie,” I shook my head, “It’s not real.  It’s just a picture.  Daddy can’t come out of it.”

Then I lovingly took his hand and tried to make him feel better by going on a plastic fruit picnic with Elmo and Gorilla.  And he seemed to be okay.

But then later, we gave Daddy a call at work.

I put him on speaker and held the phone out to Bubbers.

“It’s Daddy!” I explained with a smile.

His face lit up, “Daddy, Daddy??” he called into the phone as he took it from me.

“Yes, Little Man?  It’s me,” Daddy’s voice responded from the phone.

Suddenly, Bubbers got very quiet and looked intently at the phone.

“Little Man?” Daddy repeated, “It’s me, Daddy.”

Silently, Bubbers reached out a dear little cupped hand and scooped it across the face of the phone.

“Daddy out!” he commanded in a strong voice.

Daddy listened in confusion and then asked, “What’s that, Little Man?”

Bubbers scooped again with even greater force and said, “Out Daddy!”

Watching from the sidelines with another broken melted heart, I stepped in and explained, “He’s trying to scoop you out of the phone.”

“Oooh!” Daddy said with sad understanding, “I’m sorry, Little Man…..  I can’t come out.   But I love you and I’ll be home soon!”

After they hung up, I reached out and gave Bubbers a hug and kiss.

He briefly hugged me back and then punched 64 three’s into the phone before I could stop him.

And then from that day on, Bubbers has sweetly scooped every picture he sees of his beloved Daddy and called, “Daddy out!” in hopeful tones.

And when we’re reading and he sees something he’d love to have–like a big garbage truck or Horton hatching an egg while being transported in a huge wagon–he scoops his little hand across it and calls, “Out!  Out!”

Fortunately (for the preservation of our home’s ceilings) those monstrous things stay in the books.  But man alive, do I smile every time he does it!

So a few days ago, while we were enjoying our illness induced quarantine, I decided to try and get this endearing new behavior on video.

But since I never know when he’s going to do it, I thought I’d try my hand at eliciting it on demand.

And here are the precious, unexpected results:

What I love about this video:

  • His little scooping hand
  • His cute hoarse voice (from his cold)
  • How much he makes me laugh with pure delight
  • His unexpected “pease”
  • The way his eyes light up his whole face
  • How he holds up both hands
  • His perfect articulation of “pockets”
  • How he calls himself “You”
  • How he repeats “coopy” over and over in such a cute voice
  • His concern for the spot on Daddy’s face (“ace”)
  • How he slides his hands into his pockets
  • His unexpected point at me
  • His unfailing patience and compliance as I ask him to do it over and over and over again :)
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5 thoughts on ““Daddy out”

  1. That is too cute! I love how he’ll talk for the video…my kids will never do that. Josh always misses his daddy too, and he always tells me solemnly, “Daddy at work.”

  2. That is adorable! Bubbers is obviously a boy who loves his daddy!! Thanks for the video – I can’t believe how much he’s grown!

  3. Lizzy and I had fun watching that movie together – thanks! And now she’s walking around saying “coopie, coopie, coopie!” to herself. :) Loved the sweet story of Bubbers trying to scoop his daddy “out” of the pictures/phone! Lizzy often wakes up and asks “Da-da here?” and when I tell her that he’s at work, she says “bubber here doh!” (brothers here though). :) It’s so sweet when toddlers get old enough to verbalize their feelings for loved ones!

  4. I love this video! It is adorable and put a big smile on my face. I too feel fortunate that my little man loves his Dad and squeals in delight every time he comes home from work.

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