“Nie-yol” and Thank you!

Thank you so much for your kind words of sympathy, love and support!

Bubbers is definitely on the mend.


He’s developed a cutely endearing, yet slightly disturbing habit of asking for “nie-yol” (“Tylenol”) with great enthusiasm every time we put him down for sleep.

And I was a little worried about how he’d adjust when we cut off his “nie-yol” supply today…..

But he was a real trouper and did great!

And fortunately for me, my pregnancy has saved me from even starting down that slippery road of developing a “nie-yol” dependency during my bout of the illness.

So, we are now a drug-free household.



Heidi and Bubbers :)

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5 thoughts on ““Nie-yol” and Thank you!

  1. HAHA. Jacob did that too. Once he asked for candy repeatedly, and I said no. Then crying he said to me…I want ty-na-nol. It was so funny.

  2. I’m glad he’s feeling better! Lol, my kids ask for “medicine” sometimes, but it has to be “yummy” medicine as opposed to “yucky” medicine!

    I hope you are feeling better too, and not just suffering with no drugs!

  3. Glad you both are feeling better! It’s the hardest thing trying to be mommy when you are sick as well!

  4. Thats funny. E and J keep asking for medicine too, and once they have some, Josh always cries for more. I guess they make it too tasty these days!

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