Mixed Review

Last month, Charming took me to the city for a wonderful birthday date.

It began with a delicious meal at:

PICT0029 edited

I had never been there before, but I had always wanted to try it out and I love cheesecake, so I figured it was a great fit.

Not to mention, it appealed to my unpredictable pregnancy appetite at the time.

So Charming sweetly indulged my request…..

PICT0040 edited

….. And we all had a fantastic meal!

After that, we headed to the main event for the evening:

PICT0065 no location

Just seeing this poster made me smile from head to toe!

I love the theater and I love Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, so it was the perfect gift!

PICT0050 edited

We had never been to this theater before and immediately noticed the elaborate dragon themed decor.

PICT0046 edited

My favorite was this intricate fellow who held up our chandelier.

PICT0055 edited

Then we settled back to enjoy the show!


I wish I could say it was a fantastic show and worth every penny we spent.


It wasn’t. :(

There were certainly some thrilling dance scenes and musical numbers that we thoroughly enjoyed.

But the unexpected nudity and vulgarity that a few actors ad libbed into the show left a decidedly bad taste in our mouths.

And it certainly didn’t live up to the “Rated G” and “Great Family Entertainment” that was advertised on its website.

Which was a great disappointment to me because I had specifically paid attention to that before asking to see it.

So, I emailed the theater and told them how disappointed we were.

And they responded with a kind, respectful email detailing why they thought it was “Great Family Entertainment” and did deserve its “G Rating”.

But then.

Oddly enough.

After my email, they changed the rating on their website to “PG”.

And when I saw that, I scratched my head, squinted and said, “Hmmm….. That doesn’t quite make sense with what they told me…..”

So, now we know this theater isn’t a good fit for us and that their definition of “Family Entertainment” is not the same as ours.

But even with my disappointment, I still loved my cherished birthday date with My Love.

(And my pregnant belly still dreams about the yummy food at The Cheesecake Factory!)

So, thank you, My Love!!

You are wonderful.

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21 thoughts on “Mixed Review

  1. What a shame! Seven Brides for Seven Brothers has always been one of my favorites. I guess it’s just a sign of the times that things that once used to be considered inappropriate are now readily accepted as “fine”. Stick to the movie, I guess!

  2. It is too bad to hear that they took their creative liberties and took it in that direction. How sad! I am glad you guys were able to get out and spend some good time together! That is sooo important!

    I am really looking forward to “The Fiddler on the Roof” at the Paramount Theatre at the end of this year! It is one of my favorite shows and the Actor who portrays, “Tevye,” the lead male, is going to be played by Chaim Topol, the Actor who plays him in the Original Motion Picture! I am soooo excited! Let’s just pray they stick to the original script! ~;o)

  3. What?!? How on earth did they incorporate nudity and vulgarity into Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? That is one of the cleanest musicals around! I’m seriously shocked. I adore that show. But I’m so glad you had a lovely birthday! And the Cheesecake Factory is fantastic!!

  4. When I was in the Institute Choir, we ate at that particular Cheesecake Factory several times. Of course, the person who always suggested we eat there, made a lot more money than the rest of us and could afford it!
    I have also been to that theater; before I got married, my roommates and I saw The Phantom of the Opera there, and/ or Le Miserables…I can’t remember which.
    Sorry they didn’t live up to their advertisement…thats what happens in liberal cities I guess.
    Hope you had fun otherwise!

  5. LOL! Yes, I was surprised at how expensive it was. Fortunately, Charming’s parents’ birthday gift to me was money toward the dinner. :)

    We saw The Phantom, too, but it was at a different theater and we loved it. I saw Little Women at that other theater, too, and also loved it. So, I guess I need to stick with that one and not this one. :) (The traveling Broadway shows seem to be better at sticking to the script than local liberal talent…).

  6. That is really too bad about the play. I also don’t understand how you can add nudity and vulgarity and stay true to the play.
    I’m glad that the food didn’t disappoint though!

  7. That’s exactly what I thought!! “How can you go wrong with Seven Brides for Seven Brothers??” But apparently, you can!

    [Note: the following is not G-rated!!]

    The nudity came in during the scene when the brothers were wearing blankets while Milly washed their clothes.

    The man who played Frank thought it would be funny to really be naked underneath his blanket and to flash us his bare backside. And then another brother pulled off Frank’s blanket so Frank was standing there completely naked trying to cover himself with his hands. Aaaccckkkk!!!–definitely not part of the script!!

    The vulgarity came from a couple of the brothers who ad libbed crude sexual gestures into various songs and scenes. It completely ruined the romance for me. :(

    [Sorry if that’s too graphic!! If it is, let me know and I’ll delete it.]

  8. It is just a crying shame that people think they need to stoop to that level to entertain people! I am sure you weren’t the only one offended by that. I will have to talk to my good friend, she was so excited to take her daughter to see that play. I am sure she was frustrated for getting “more” than they paid for as well!

  9. I didn’t think that if they get the rights to a play that they are allowed to change it up… isn’t that why people got upset about when others were taking R rated and making them into PG movies…. they complained about taking an artist and writers rights away. Why is this any different. I would call the theater and tell them that since they changed it to PG they should refund your money or give you a gift certificate that is enough to let you see another play. I can’t imagine how they were able to work that in!

  10. Oh, hopefully they didn’t notice those parts! We saw children and youth there, too, and thought how upset we would be if we’d brought children with us.

  11. Yes, I thought the same thing!

    In the email response I got, the man said that the actors didn’t SAY anything that was not in the script and therefore they were true to the script copyright.

    So apparently, actors can DO things that are not in the script, as long as they don’t add or subtract any verbal lines…???

    How bizarre is that??

    I thought about asking for a refund, but assumed it wouldn’t happen with the economy being poor and theaters hurting. But I guess it’s worth a try?

  12. Seriously, vulgarity and nudeity in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, that is so irritating! I’m glad you wrote them a letter. I love that movie, though.

  13. Having grown up in Cedar City, I saw stuff at the Shakespearean Festival often. That’s part of the fun of going to a play, is that they can really change the whole tone of a play by changing the period of the show, the costumes, or even the sets. It can be interesting and exciting…or disappointing, as you experienced.

  14. I’m sorry to hear that the actors added things into the play that they shouldn’t of. I told Anderson about your experience and he said he was glad that he didn’t try out for that play. Why can’t people stay true to the play and add things that offend people?

  15. Wish the show would of turned out better, at least dinner was great!
    Mr. Wonderful took me there for my 50th birthday. It was AWESOME!

  16. I’m sorry the play turned out to be a disappointment! What a way to ruin it! :( I can’t believe they desecrated such a wholesome musical like that – it’s one of my favorites too! We never got to go see it – and now I’m not sorry we missed it. Good for you for writing to them – and how interesting that they changed the rating on the website. I doubt yours was the only complaint they received. The same theatre is doing Hello Dolly in March and I was thinking of trying to go see it…but now I must admit I’m more wary of the place. :(

    On a lighter note, the restaurant sounds great! We dined (twice!) at a place called the Cheesecake Cafe in Victoria, B.C. on our honeymoon. Sounds very similar…mmm…I can almost taste the Oreo Cheesecake now… ;)

  17. Glad you had a fun dinner. Too bad the vugarity ruined the play for you. I’m afraid unfortunately that it is a sign of the times we are in. At least your company was the best!

  18. Oh my word! I can’t believe they’d trash such an awesome play! That was my ultimate favorite movie when I was little!! I’m glad you had fun at the Cheesecake Factory though!

  19. Hi Danile! Welcome to my blog!

    Isn’t the movie great? It is one of my all-time favorites, too! It can always put me in a good mood! :)

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