“Nona!!” and the New Bridge (by the Bubbers King)

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Follow me, everyone!

You’ve got to see this!!

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Look over there!!

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They’re building a bridge!!

Do you know what that means?!?

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That means Mommy won’t need to pop my stroller into 4-wheel drive to go to our park anymore!

Isn’t that great?

Thwack, Thwack!!!

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“Uh….. Did you hear that Mommy?!?”

“Yes, son,” Mommy replied calmly.

Thwack, Thwack!!!

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“What is it?!?” I asked her.

Thwack, Thwack!!!

“It’s called a nail gun,” Mommy explained.

Thwack, Thwack!!!

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I stared in awe.

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Then with deep reverence I repeated it outloud.

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Thwack, Thwack!!!

It echoed on the air and reverberated through me.

Nona!!!!” I suddenly cried out, “Noooonaaaaa!!!!”

Mommy looked at me with a single eyebrow raised and a smile tugging at the sides of her lips.

“Yes, son,” she said solemnly, “Nail gun.”

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Then she turned back to the gathering sunset.

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But I only had eyes for my precious ‘nona’.

Thwack, Thwack!!!

Even when Mommy kept calling my name and trying to get me to look at her…..

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My faithful eyes never departed from the ‘nona’.

Thwack, Thwack!!!

So finally, she went back to her sunset.

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And we were both in heaven.

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5 thoughts on ““Nona!!” and the New Bridge (by the Bubbers King)

  1. All I have to say is, you have got to write some books girlfriend! How cute would it be to write children’s books titled “The Adventures of The Bubbers King?!” or “The World According to The Bubbers King,” or something even more clever that you come up with! I think you would sell many! Kids love looking at books of other kids and their adventures that they can relate to! (Something to think about anyways! ~;o)

    You know, it could even be a book for grown ups, a look at their world from the eyes of a child, now that would be cool!

  2. I’m so glad that you will have a bridge now! I remember you wishing one would be put in. Maybe Bubbers will become a carpenter. Beautiful pictures.

  3. Super cute! I love how Bubbers (and all kids) look as if they have no legs when they’re all dressed up like that. And the sunset is truly gorgeous.

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