Tears that Touched My Heart

One afternoon during our crazy accumulation of snow, we decided to don our best snow clothes (i.e., rain boots and jackets) and try our hand at playing in the beautiful white stuff!

First, I excitedly plopped Bubbers on our brand new sled!

He smiled and seemed to enjoy being pulled around the driveway.

But when we tried to put him on it again to go down a shallow hill nearby, he told us (in no uncertain terms) that he was done with sledding.

So, we headed back to the house…..

DSC00932 edited

….. And Charming built a snowman!

I enjoyed watching him.

And Bubbers enjoyed pointing with all his might and crying out, “Noman! Noman!” at the top of his little lungs.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, my gloved hands started to get itchy…..

And before I knew it, I was launching a snowball at my husband!

After that, there was no going back and snowballs were flying from both sides with the Wooga man gleefully laughing and calling for, “More! More!”

We had a grand ol’ time and felt like little children again.

Then after a time, we amiably called a cease fire to work on the snowman together.

I decided to shape the three stacked masses in an attempt to make them look more round.

So I squatted down to work on the lowest mass and was deep in concentration when, out of nowhere, my husband plowed into me and knocked me sprawling back into the snow covered ground!

“Whaaah!!” I yelled as I fell back and tried to fend off my assailant who was busily holding me down and covering me in snow.

Then all of a sudden, a shriek of absolute anguish pierced the air.

And a little boy’s voice cried out in panic and terror, “Mommy!! Mommy!!! Mommy!!!!”

In an instant, Charming and I were at his side and I pulled him to me.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” I said quietly in his ear, “Daddy was just playing, I’m okay, I’m okay.”

Charming and I looked at each other with wide eyes, completely shocked by his reaction.

Then Charming rubbed his son’s back and apologized, “I’m sorry, Little Man, I didn’t mean to scare you. We were just playing. It’s okay.”

Eventually, Bubbers stopped crying and we showed our repentance by cheerfully tossing some more snowballs and making him laugh.

But long after he stopped crying, I still had a warm feeling deep in my heart.

DSC00934 edited

To know how much my little boy loved me.

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10 thoughts on “Tears that Touched My Heart

  1. Bubbers is so protective of his mum already and wait until his older, he will just want to look after you.

    Heidi I just love looking at your home with all the snow around (you are probably sick of it) but its looks beautiful and fun. Now I wish we had snow here.

  2. I remember my brother (about 1 yr old) would cry every time my Dad came home from and greeted my mom with a kiss! He would try and push them apart. Sons do love their mothers.

  3. It’s so funny that they react like that, but then it makes me sad to think that for some kids it’s real. I always think it’s not fair that some kids have to witness their parents fighting and grow up with such insecurities. On the flip side, Austin always seems happiest when Todd gets home from work. It’s like he knows all is right in the world and we’re all supposed to be together.

  4. What a sweet story! It does break your heart when they keen like that, doesn’t it? Jonas used to protest every time Jason and I hugged. Thankfully he’s over that ’cause jase is the best hugger ever:)

  5. I agree–it made me think sadly of those poor children who really do witness violence.

    And Bubbers is just like Austin–he LOVES when Daddy gets home and prefers to monopolize all his time. :) Which is one of the reasons we were so surprised by his reaction.

  6. Loved the story and pictures. It’s so good to know that you have Bubbers to protect you and that he wants to! It’s amazing that you have so much snow.

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