My Weakness

I imagine every woman has a weakness for buying a lot of something she loves.

For some women, it’s shoes.

For others, it’s purses.

For me?

Well, for me…..

It’s emergency supplies.

You know, like wind-up radios, water filters, camping stoves, below zero sleeping bags and 20 cans of shortening.

For some reason I’ve always loved buying stuff like that and then carefully storing it away in case we ever need it.

My current project is installing various things to earthquake-proof our new house, but I’m still constantly on the look-out for anything else I haven’t thought of that we might need.

So when I was at Costco today, I happened to wander down their flashlight aisle, wondering if they had any wind-up flashlight/radio/sirens in stock.

I eventually wanted to replace our downstairs battery-powered flashlights with the wind-up ones, so I was curious to see if they had any.

And as I walked, I suddenly stopped.

And stared.

At this:

PICT0018 edited

What’s this? I thought to myself as I slowly picked up the package, I’ve never seen one of these before…..

PICT0020 edited

Holy smokes! I thought as I read it and my jaw dropped, This is exactly what I need!!!

PICT0021 circle

It’s a nightlight…..

PICT0023 circle

That automatically turns on as a flashlight when the power goes out…..

PICT0024 circle

And then you can pick it up and use it as a flashlight or emergency flasher.

I stood there in the middle of Costco, barely paying attention to my son who was calling every man that walked by, “Papa!  Papa!”, as I stared at this package in my hands and wondered where on earth it had been all my life.

Just the other day I was thinking how inconvenient it would be to try and find our flashlights in the dark when we need them.

And right here, in my very own hands, was the solution to all my concerns!

Not to mention two of our nightlights had recently broken so this took care of replacing those, too!

And since it had LED lights and a rechargeable lithium ion battery—they never needed to be replaced!

This was clearly a match made in heaven.

But I was still hesitant to buy it, since I hadn’t talked it over with my husband.

You see, we have a rule that we always consult each other before making any purchases.

And I hadn’t consulted him about this, so I knew I shouldn’t buy it.

But then I saw this:

PICT0029 circle

This package was the last one they had.

The last one!!

How could I not buy it?!?

It took all my will power to put the package back down and hope that they would order more soon.

Then I left and picked out some bananas.

And some apples.

But somewhere between the produce section and the dairy section…..

PICT0018 edited

It jumped into my cart and followed me home!


Fortunately, Charming said I could keep it.

With only one condition:

That I do some research to see if it’s really the best one out there.


Thanks, Love.

I appreciate you understanding (and funding) my weakness.


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9 thoughts on “My Weakness

  1. Hahah! I have the exact same weakness! I made Jase buy me food storage wheat for Christmas. Boy was he surprised when 7 cases showed up at our door! What can I say? A mom needs a lot of wheat!

    Enjoy your flashlights! They sound awesome!

  2. I laughed the whole time reading this. I have a small flashlight that plugs into the wall and does the same thing. I got it at Home Depot. I haven’t had to use it up here but did in Salt Lake. Did you really buy 20 cans of shortening? You do know it goes rancid in a short time? I bought 2 one time and I think it was a year later when I opened one and yuck. I’ll keep my eyes open for emergency things in my wanderings “}

  3. Great story! We got emergency supply kits from Adam’s parents for Christmas, I thought that was such a great gift to give your children! Now we are really set, should something happen, with what we already had prepared and our new Christmas gifts! We got some of it out when there was all the talk of the “big storm” that was supposed to knock out power with all that snow, glad that didn’t happen but we were prepared just in case! ~;o) It really gives you a sense of peace! Hope all is well with you and your family! We will have to get together soon!

  4. Those sound so cool! I think I’d at least like to put one in our bedroom, and one in our kitchen (we’d be able to see it from our family room too).. I’ll definitely have to look for those in our Costco…hopefully they still have some! :)

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  6. That IS a really cool thing! I would just worry about the kids taking it off the wall and loosing it. A good purchase, definitely.

  7. I thought the exact same thing about little fingers wanting to play with them–so I have them in outlets he can’t reach. :)

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