“No!!!!” (by the Bubbers King)

Hi Everyone!!

This is the Bubbers King.

My Mom let me take over the blogging reins today to tell you about my super exciting day yesterday.

When I woke up in the morning, my Mom took me to the window and said, “Look, it’s snow!!”

I peeked outside and Ka-BLAM!

It was love at first sight!

“No?” I said with excitement, “No?! ….. No?!!??!

Then I ran from window to window, peering over the sill on tip-toe with stars in my eyes, crying out over and over, “A no?!  A no?!” [“Other snow?  Other snow?”]

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen snow, but the first time I saw snow, I was only 9 months old and a little confused about this whole winter thing.

Then later, I saw snow again but I was only 12 months old and not very impressed, since it was supposed to be spring.

But now, I’m such a big boy that I love the snow.

And the snow loves me.

And I wanted oh-so badly to poke the snow when Mommy opened the back door and showed me how she could poke it.

But when I hunkered down to poke it, I got cold feet and just froze and stared.

And since it was time to go to church, Mommy said we couldn’t wait for me to work up the courage to poke it.

So we left.

But then after church…..

PICT0032 edited

She put my boots on and announced, “Let’s go walk in the snow!!!”

PICT0033 edited

Really?!?” I asked

“Yes, really,” she smiled and then led the way.

I followed her until we reached…..

PICT0050 edited


PICT0055 edited

Carefully, I extended one foot and tested it out to make sure it was safe.

PICT0056 edited

Then I shifted my weight onto the test leg to see if it would hold.

PICT0060 edited

And then I took off!!

PICT0062 edited

And before I knew it, my boots were covered in snow!

PICT0066 brighter

And a cute little track of Wooga prints trailed behind me!

PICT0070 edited

And then I reached down and poked the snow!

PICT0071 edited

And let me tell you, it was cold.

PICT0073 edited

So I wiped it off.

And then I asked Mommy to see a bus.

The End.


The Bubbers King

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10 thoughts on ““No!!!!” (by the Bubbers King)

  1. How cute. We’ve finally started getting winter snow all this week (a little late here) and Elora and Josh both have bad colds, so they can’t go out. They’ve been VERY disappointed.

  2. What a cutie! I just LOVE his expression in that first pic of him on the sidewalk! (the one before he steps in the snow.) I can just hear him yelling “NO!!” ;) Lucky for him it looks like more “no” is on the way…

  3. Too cute! “No” is so much fun! My kids have been enjoying it, and mommy is trying to stay warm! Hope to see you guys outside soon, maybe when this freezing rain stops!

  4. I love it when kids discover snow. Our granddaughter from Texas was 3yrs old when she came to visit for Christmas and it snowed. It was so fun to watch her.. Cute pictures as always. I love the previous post about the quiet night. I really miss the snow in Utah. My favorite thing to do was to go out and shovel the driveway at night or early in the morning after it snowed. It was always so quiet and sooooo beautiful. I wish I had taken pictures. The Mr and I would sit on our bench on the porch and just watch. I would rather shovel than use the snowblower.
    Oh, Bubbers, enjoy the snow because we were told “It doesn’t snow very often or very much in your area.” (thank goodness I ? as I did bring my snow shovel.)

  5. I didn’t realize at first why he kept saying NO! I’m a little slow apparently. Then in the car after I read this, Clara was pointing out the window and yelling… NO, NO! Oh, so that’s what he was saying. “Snow” how cute!

  6. It’s amazing that Bubbers can write stories like that, but then he’s been making comments on cards to us since birth! Loved enjoying his first real fun in the snow.

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