By chance, do you know?…..

PICT0008 edited

….. How these little stockings were made?

(And how would I learn to do it, too?)

Thank you!!

Heidi :)

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7 thoughts on “By chance, do you know?…..

  1. Heidi, they are adorable, I am not sure how to help but one of my blog friends Christy at Sweet Tidings is very talented. She is always making some lovely homemade Christmas delights.

  2. Well, they are obviously crocheted. I could probably figure out the pattern for you if you are interested (looks like a combination of single and double crochets) – not too hard! Do you already know how to crochet?

  3. I made these one time and I think I remember that they were called “Granny Squares.” They were easy but it’s just tedious changing colors. I would sit and do all the centers for however many you need.

  4. It looks like a pentagon shaped “Granny Square”, that has been folded in half and stitched up the side. I’ve never done a 5 sided one, but I’m guessing it wouldn’t be too hard, and you could probably find instructions on the internet. Or from a friend. If you don’t know anything about crocheting I would be happy to teach you the basics. That is really all you need to know.

  5. I wanted to include that I too crochet, and I would love to take an afternoon and show you how to make these if you would like me to. I have lots of yarn that we could practice with before we do the real thing. Good luck!
    Sara Hammond

  6. Wow, thank you everyone for your help! No, I don’t know how to crochet (I suspected these were–but didn’t even know for sure!).

    I would love to learn how–thank you so much for offering, Julie and Sara! Would after the holidays work for either of you??

  7. That’s what it looks like to me too! :)

    Good luck learning to crochet Heidi! I learned in college and have made all kinds of fun things! I hope it’s fun for you!

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