My Hero

I have a guy friend from high school that emails me regularly.

His name is Chris and he has cognitive impairments.

And I absolutely love him.

I always look forward to his emails because without fail, they always brighten my day.

He asks me fun questions, like if I’ve seen any new movies.

Or how is my family doing.

Or who is my favorite celebrity.

And he gives the kindest compliments.

And tells me to be a good mom.

And makes me smile.

I really miss Chris, but I’m so glad he still emails me.

Especially today, when I opened a new email from him and he asked, “Who is your hero?”

Hmm…..  Who is my hero? I thought to myself.

I hadn’t pondered that question for years.

But almost immediately, someone came to mind.

DSC_9925 edited

My husband

My husband is my hero.

Then I thought, Why is he my hero?

And that’s when my mind replayed the past eight years.

And I saw his constantly cheerful, loving smile.

And his steady, endless quest to make me happy.

Whether that means getting me tickets to see 7 Brides for 7 Brothers for my birthday (even though he doesn’t consider himself the biggest fan of the theatre).

Or making dinner every night after work during our first trimester so I can rest my pregnant self on the couch.

He is an outstanding husband.

And then my mind lingered over the last two years.

Where I saw his gentle, loving hands holding our son.

And his eager, fun way of playing with him.

And I just had to smile.

He is a fantastic father.

And then my mind just saw him.

His intelligence and witty sense of humor.

His work ethic and honesty.

And his obedience to God and His commandments.

And I felt humbled.

He is a phenomenal person.

He is my hero.

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3 thoughts on “My Hero

  1. Thanks so much, Love. I admire you in so many ways, I can’t believe it. You’re such a wonderful example to me of faith, excellence in parenting, studying, learning, discipline and so many other things I need to learn from you. That’s why it means so much to hear this from you.


  2. This was so touching to read. I can certainly understand and appreciate why your husband is your hero. He is both a wonderful husband and father, you are truly richly blessed.

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