I’m in Heaven!

Deep down, I’m an extremely affectionate person.

And this side of me has really come out with my family.

It all started with Charming.

From the moment we fell in love to today, I’d love to be holding his hand, resting my head on his shoulder or hugging him all the live long day.

Now, that’s not usually possible, but when I can, it’s wonderful!

And then, when Bubbers was born, it was like the affection in me bubbled up and overflowed into a never ending desire to hug, kiss and cuddle him.

And even now, the more I hug, kiss and cuddle him, the more I want to!

Like yesterday, I was holding Bubbers as I walked into Walmart, and the moment I started to squeeze him and kiss his soft, chubby cheek, I just couldn’t stop!

And I’m pretty sure I smacked at least 20 kisses on that delectable cheek before I had to put him in the shopping cart.

Now, deep down, I’m fairly sure that Bubbers is not an extremely affectionate person.

At least, he rarely initiates affection beyond wanting to cuddle for reading books or drinking his bottle.

And when, every once in a while, he suddenly hugs my leg or Charming’s leg, we just live it up!

And the rest of the time, we’re happy to steal all the hugs, kisses and cuddles we can before he takes off to push the nearest object with wheels.

But then three days ago, Bubbers started doing something that has absolutely spoiled me.

For three days in a row now, during breakfast, he has spontaneously reached out…..

PICT0002 edited

….. and hugged my hand!!!!

PICT0005 edited

And since Charming was home this morning, I begged him to take a picture!

PICT0006 edited

Because I always want to remember how dear and sweet it feels to have both of Bubbers’ tiny hands holding my hand tight and squeezing it between his soft cheek and little shoulder.

How it makes my heart burn with warmth and time stand still.

And how I never, ever want it to end.

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5 thoughts on “I’m in Heaven!

  1. I am so glad you were able to get a picture, because I am sure you will treasure the memory for a very long time. I was just looking up hand and foot print poems for a Christmas gift, and then I saw your post, it was perfect! Here is a part of a poem that it reminded me of.

    “The wonder of a miracle
    From which this love began
    There is so much found
    In the touch of a child’s hand.”


  2. What a beautiful moment Heidi!! I love those sweet little moments when they take time out of their busy exploring to just love on you. And you never know, each kid has their own personality. Jonas was always independent and never wanted snuggles but lately he is all about the the hugs and kisses! Micah was a snuggle bunny from day one. Sam goes back and forth. So fun!

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