“Resting” in the Backyard, Part 2 (a play-by-play…)

One or two of you may remember a certain afternoon a few months ago when I was still recovering from my miscarriage.

On this particular afternoon, I had promised myself I would sit in a chair and not move, thus allowing my poor recovering uterus time to….. recover.

But alas, my self made promise lasted less than 2 minutes.

And before I realized what I was doing, I was knee deep in a pile of weeds I’d pulled and vines I’d clipped.

That’s when my aching back and uterus called me back to earth and my goal of just resting.

So, I hot-glued myself to a deck chair and played bubbles with the Wooga man.

He loved it!

And then he ran off!

Which is where our story continues…..

“Bubbers!  Hey, Bubbers!  Come back and see what I’ve got!” I called to his back.

Suddenly, Bubbers halted and turned to look at me.

“Uh?” he asked, with interest shining in his beautiful eyes.

“Come see what I’ve got!” I called again, holding up a canister he had never seen before in his 15 months of life.

Eagerly, Bubbers redirected his toddling up the deck stairs and to my side.

PICT0275 edited

“What’s that, Mom?” he asked, smiling up at my canister.

“It’s Play-doh!” I said with great enthusiasm and then handed the canister to him.

PICT0234 edited

Excitedly, he reached out to take it.

Then he plopped himself down on the deck.

PICT0212 edited

And commenced to shake.

[Holy toledo, I love that picture and his cute hooked wrist!!]

But nothing happened.

So he shook again.

But still nothing happened.

So he looked at me and asked, “Uh?”

“You need to reach in and pull it out,” I tried to explain from afar.

PICT0267 edited

So he reached in and pinched out the tiniest piece of Play-doh ever.

PICT0257 edited

And stuffed it in a crack.

PICT0258 edited

And looked at it.

PICT0260 edited

And stuffed some more.

PICT0261 edited

And looked some more.

PICT0270 edited

“Huh, would you look at that?” he said to me, “This Play-doh stuff is pretty cool.”

“Isn’t it?” I smiled, “Would you like a different color?  How about white?”

PICT0252 edited

“Sure!!” he said and reached out his cute, chubby hands.

PICT0243 edited

That I couldn’t resist zooming in on.

And then, in a sudden burst of generosity, I gave him yellow, too.

PICT0278 edited

And he reached those same cute fingers in and pinched off an equally minuscule amount of Play-doh.

PICT0280 edited

And tried to stuff it in a crack.

But it didn’t stuff.

PICT0281 edited

So he tried again.

PICT0287 edited

“This time it stuffed!!” he laughed.

And I laughed, too, and then handed him the red canister.

PICT0289 edited

“Boy, Mom,” he smiled…..

PICT0311 edited

“I could stuff Play-doh all day long!!”

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  1. Elora and Joshua got playdough in their halloween bags. Elora likes to break it into pieces and then smush it all back together. Josh likes to just break it apart…and occasionally taste it.

  2. Yay for play-doh! :) Lizzy of course still needs help/supervision with it, but our boys will sit and play for more than an hour sometimes with our playdoh. Those little canisters have bought me precious time, allowing me to do housework in peace! ;) I love the pics of his little chubby hands.

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