Snapshot in Time: 18 months

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(Holy smokes, sorry this is almost 2 months late!!)


  • Weight: 33 inches (70%ile)
  • Height: 26.15 pounds (55%ile)
  • Head Circumference: 48 cm

New accomplishments:

  • Running!
  • Finally drinking cow’s milk!!
  • Outgrowing his first pair of adorable shoes:

PICT0090 sepia

  • Verbally identifies and receptively recognizes the letters “A” and “B” (and sometimes “C”)
  • Following two-step directions
  • Being very helpful with unloading the dishwasher, putting away folded clothes, cleaning up toys, and dusting
  • Understanding when we’re going somewhere and talking about it the whole way there (“Church!  Church!  Church!” on the way to church, or “Ibrary!  Ibrary!  Ibrary!” on the way to the library)
  • Going trick-or-treating for the first time:

PICT0041 sepia

  • Attending nursery at church
  • Requesting to sing specific songs! (see list)
  • Expressive vocabulary of about 200 words! (see list)
  • First two-word utterances!! (see list)
  • Down to one nursing a day

What he’s doing right now:

  • Peacefully sleeping in his crib for the night after lots of hugs & kisses and our ceremonial “Night-night,” “Love you,” “Bye, bye”, that he faithfully echoes in his incredibly sweet little voice as he lays there and looks up at us like a little angel.

Teeth watch:

  • Top: Eight
  • Bottom: Eight
  • What’s left: 2 year molars

What he’s wearing:

  • 24 mos. onesies
  • transitioning into 24 mos. tops and bottoms
  • 24 mos. socks
  • size 5 shoes
  • size 4 diapers

How he’s sleeping:

  • About 12 hours at night (6 pm-6 am)
  • Morning nap and afternoon nap still

DSC_9978 cropped

His Favorites:

  • Singing songs!  (especially ones with hand motions)
  • Cuddling with Mommy on the couch and reading “boots” (“books”) (see list)
  • Bugs!!!
  • “Ables” (“vegetables”) that he begs for every night at dinner
  • His number “2!” game (while sitting on the bed, he directs parent to stand next to the wall, count to 3, run, and jump on the bed)
  • Pushing, pushing, pushing!!! (his toy buses, cars, garbage truck, and big truck)
  • Playing with other children
  • Wearing sock puppets on our hands and singing “Follow the Prophet”
  • Airplanes:

PICT0505 sepia

  • Putting on his boots and then looking for and splashing through puddles!!
  • Story time, singing, coloring and computer at the local library
  • Drawing on the white board
  • Toting around his cherished (and many!) stuffed animals:

PICT0060 sepia

  • Our new reading lessons
  • Dogs and cats (especially in the flesh!)
  • Buses!!!!!
  • Adorably coloring with his crayons while laying on the floor:

PICT0001 sepia

  • “Driving” the car with Daddy in shotgun
  • Being with Mommy and Daddy
  • Listening for Daddy to come home and shrieking when he finally does!
  • Looking at pictures of “amals” (“animals”) on the computer

His Not-So-Favorites:

  • When Daddy leaves or isn’t home
  • Being told it’s time to change his diaper (he runs away as fast as his Wooga legs will let him!)

DSC_9978 sepia

Daddy’s Favorites:

  • Putting him to sleep when he wakes up at night
  • Hearing “love you”, “nite-nite”, “bye bye” before bed
  • His scream of joy when I come home followed by running in circles
  • Going to see all the buses with him
  • Letting him “drive” the car and push all the buttons
  • Puddles
  • Giving him rides
  • Drawing with him
  • Playing “ahtzee” with him
  • 2!
  • Hearing him laugh his head off when Mommy tickles him
  • Seeing him and Mommy read books on the couch together
  • When he picks up my head by my hair so I sit up
  • Boots!
  • Hearing him talk to himself or sing to himself

Dad’s Not-So-Favorites:

  • How fast he’s growing up
  • When he whines

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • More wrestling
  • More talking
  • Playing catch
  • Seeing him in Primary

DSC_9977 sepia

Mommy’s Favorites:

  • How he spots every single bus that has ever or will ever pass us on the street (and how I deliberately maneuver the car to get next to buses so he can see them)
  • His sweet voice, hugs and kisses
  • How he keeps tapping and pointing to his booster tray until I put my plate of food on it while we eat
  • His cute “where??” gesture:

PICT0184 sepia

  • Making him giggle uncontrollably when I nibble his sides and neck
  • Listening to him play with and talk to his Daddy
  • When he says, “Boots!  Boots!  Boots!” (“Books!”) over and over again as he tries to climb up on me and the couch as fast as Woogaly possible
  • His awesome and enthusiastic pointing:

PICT0564 sepia

  • How much he loves to find and watch bugs
  • Always catching me off guard with the creative and contagiously cute things he does and says
  • How cute he looks when we lay him in his crib–-flips onto his tummy, hugs his big adult-size pillow, holds his animals tucked under his arms and kicks his little legs that poke out the bottom of his blanket
  • Bedtime snuggles and stories (and laughs!):

PICT0090 sepia

  • When he takes off his socks during naps and I find them under the crib like in the picture above!
  • Cuddling with him on my bed or the couch while he drinks his milk bottle after every nap
  • How he intensely pumps his cute left arm every time he runs (even if it’s just for a few steps)
  • Seeing all of our shoes in a pile together:

PICT0086 sepia

  • Seeing how much other people love him
  • When he gets shy and buries his face into me
  • What a happy little guy he is!
  • When he eagerly requests songs for me to sing to him and how excited he is when I understand which song he’s requesting

Mom’s Not-So-Favorites:

  • His tendency to sprint off when it’s time to change his diaper
  • When I don’t understand what he’s saying and he really, really wants me to

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • Teaching him official Family Home Evening lessons from our new nursery manual
  • Celebrating Christmas with him!
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  1. Sounds like he’s getting big! I was gonna say…Joshua is about eighteen months and he’s two months younger than your guy.
    Josh also runs away when we change diapers..silly boys!

  2. This is so special. It is something you will look back on when he is much bigger and all these little things he does will be a distant memory, especially when you have other children and you forget some of it. You will look back at all this you wrote and all the adorable pictures and remember like it was yesterday! This is a very special gift for him as well, I kept a journal of things that Olivia used to do and say when she was little and now she occasionally likes me to take it out and read it to her, I love to see the smile on her face and hear her laugh when I tell her what she used to say or how she used to pronounce words! Keep it up, it is definitely a treasure to have!

  3. I love your great note taking. I wish I would have been that good with child number one. I’m getting progressively better, but I’ll never be as good as you!

  4. I love your posts – you are all going to look back at them one day and he (and his wife) are going to appreciate all that you wrote down and kept track of. You inspire me! Your little guy is so cute!

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