Park Update (by the Bubbers King)

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Hi Everyone!!

Bubbers King here!

I need to tell you about some changes going on around here.

But first!

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You have to make sure you’ve got these on.

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They’re boots.

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Oh, and you need two eyes, too.

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Okay, let’s go!

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Over at our neighborhood park, some amazing things are happening!

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Like all these big posts.

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Eventually they’re going to be a bridge over my favorite river.

And let me tell you, my Mom’s really excited about this bridge.

Because now our cul-de-sac will have a direct entrance to the park for strollers and future tricycles.

And as soon as I figure out what a tricycle is, I’m sure I’ll be just as excited as my Mom is.

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Are you getting all this?

PICT0053 edited

Good, because there’s more!

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You know this ol’ buck-a-bout?

PICT0057 edited

Tomorrow our cul-de-sacs are going to dig it up and remove it.

PICT0058 edited

And in a couple months we’re going to install a brand new playground structure with slides.

But you know what?

PICT0064 edited

I’m sure going to miss this buck-a-bout.

PICT0065 edited

Because I just love playing with it.

PICT0072 edited

I make it buck up and down as fast as I can!

PICT0077 edited

And I get sooo close to buckin’ these neighborhood gals off!


I sure am going to miss this ol’ thing.

I still remember the first time I ever played with it……

I was just a little guy.

PICT0290 edited

11 months old and rarin’ to eat every pebble in sight.

PICT0268 edited

With cute chubby fingers.

PICT0269 edited

That held so tightly to the buck-a-bout seat because I couldn’t walk on my own, yet.

PICT0266 edited

I worked so hard to pick up those pebbles.

PICT0271 edited

And inch them closer and closer to my mouth.

PICT0302 edited

And when those pebbles ran out, I just reached down to the mother load.

PICT0303 edited

Scooping up whatever I could.

PICT0304 edited

Trying not to drop too many of them.

PICT0289 edited

Wearing my first real pair of outside shoes.

Shoes that my Mom has finally admitted don’t fit me anymore.

But she doesn’t have the heart to put them away, yet.

So they’re still left out by my bigger shoes and in her head, my Mom pretends that they still fit me.

PICT0186 (3) edited

And I remember I got real adventurous and let go of the buck-a-bout seat during one of my chomp sessions.

PICT0187 (3) edited

Oh sure, I lost my balance.

PICT0195 (2) edited

But I didn’t let it slow down my pebble chompin’ one bit.


If you’d told me back then I wouldn’t always have that buck-a-bout, I’d have looked at you like this:

PICT0203 (2) edited


I guess that’s okay.

PICT0080 edited

As long as nobody ever takes these puddles away.

PICT0081 edited

But you don’t think anybody ever would… do you??

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9 thoughts on “Park Update (by the Bubbers King)

  1. Bubbers thank you for your walk through your playground. I even feel sad at how much you have grown since your 1st visit so I can understand why your mum still has your 1st real boy shoes.

  2. Bubbers, you are one very lucky boy to live in a neighborhood that has such nice parks and play grounds! Now I’ll know what to look for in our next neighborhood!

  3. Loved that post! How fun to have such a nice park just a walk away! :) I loved the pics of him pointing to his boots and eyes, and my fave was definitely that last one! You always mangage to find just the right story and captions to go with your beautiful photos. ;)

  4. His expresions are priceless!

    Those first pics with the red leaves on wet cement are making me miss fall there! The foliage here is so disappointing!

  5. Hello Bubbers!

    We are so excited for our new park as well! We will miss our red buck a bout also but we are excited to see and play on our new play equipment that will be going in, in its place! We will get to make so many fun memories playing there together, we can hardly wait!

    Love your neighbors,
    Olivia and Joshua ~;o)

  6. Cute pictures…I just hope they don’t make the park look like all the other parks do these days…they don’t have individual character anymore!
    What size shoe does he wear? Joshua has worn a size 6 since just after his birthday.

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