Coloring Gone Bad

Every morning, my Prince Charming gets up with our son and lets me sleep an extra hour.

Because when you’re pregnant, and in your first trimester, every extra minute in bed counts.

Especially when the only time you don’t feel nauseated is when you’re asleep.

So I’ve greatly appreciated this new pregnancy morning ritual.

And when I finally roll out of bed, I greet my Love with a smile and hug.

“Thanks for letting me sleep,” I say.

“My pleasure,” he replies, his kind dark eyes smiling down at me.

Then we tag-team and he heads upstairs to read his scriptures and I take over Wooga duty.

And 9.9 times out of 10, I look around the house and everything is great.

But every once in a while, Charming gets a phone call at work like he did today…..



“Hey Love!” Charming happily answered, “How are you?”

“I’m good,” I replied with a smile, “How are you?”

“Good, thanks,” he answered, and then, “What’s up?”

“Well…..,” I took a breath and then jumped in, “We need to make a new rule about crayons with the Wooga Man.  He can only have them if we’re sitting there with him the whole time and make sure he only colors on the paper.”

“Why?” he asked without concern, “Because he colored on his puzzle?”

I froze, “You knew he colored on his puzzle??”

“Well yeah, I watched him do it,” he replied nonchalantly.

You watched him do it?” I said slowly, without understanding.

PICT0002 edited

“Yeah, I didn’t think it mattered if he colored on the back of his puzzle,” he explained.

“He colored on the back of his puzzle?” I said, beginning to feel like my husband’s echo, “I only saw the front of it.”

“Oh, he colored on the front of it, too?” Charming asked, still without any concern.

PICT0001 edited

“Yeah, he colored all over the front of it,” I answered.


“And what’s wrong with that?” Charming asked.

“What do you mean what’s wrong with that?” I repeated, not believing my ears, “We don’t color on puzzles!”

“Well, it’s his puzzle, I don’t care if he colors on it,” Charming answered and I swore I could hear him smiling.

“No, he needs to learn to respect property,” I said firmly, “And he needs to learn we only color on paper and coloring books.”

*Another Pause*

“Okay,” Charming finally answered, “If it’s that big of a deal to you.”

“So you’re okay with our new rule?” I pressed, “No more just giving him crayons and letting him color on whatever he wants?”

“Yeah, that’s fine,” Charming agreed.

“Great, thank you!” I replied, paused and then continued, “Now I have one more new rule for you and the Wooga Man.”

Another new rule?” Charming said with a bit of apprehension.

“Yes,” I answered, “But first, I have a question for you…..”

“Oh, okay…..,” Charming waited.

PICT0044 edited

“How do I get pen stains out of a hardwood floor??”

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14 thoughts on “Coloring Gone Bad

  1. It begins… Actually, I somehow lucked out completely with Grace. I have a feeling little Grant will be a different story.

  2. That sounds like a good discussion for first time parents!! LOL You can use a Mr. Clean magic eraser on the puzzles if you really want to get them out just watch how hard you rub into it. For the floor Ummmm not sure.. Good luck with that one. I have tile I don’t know how to handle hard wood floors. He sounds creative like my oldest. She did a nice piece of artwork on my carpet with Puff paint right before we put our house up for sale. It was the size of a toddler bed HUGE!!! We got it out with goof-off that stuff is a miracle worker. Just a very strong product, and a little goes along way.

  3. Ahhh, the joy of children! BTW, use Desolv-it for the hardwood floor… It works every time!

  4. Elora only drew on the wall once, at our old apt. Joshua has drawn on the wall here at least a dozen times! We have a ‘coloring box’ which is a USPS priority mail box. Whenever the kids want to color a paper, they use the box as a table, and can draw on the box itself if they need something three dimensional to destroy. It worked great for E, but obviously Josh needed a little more space to be creative.

  5. I know that aerosol hairspray works for pen on upholstery, but I don’t know what it would do to the hardwood. It might be worth a shot, if you can’t find anything else to work. Good Luck!

  6. Ah yes, the joys of toddlers and crayons… I have to say though, I think it’s pretty cool that he only colored in the spaces where the puzzle pieces should go. Clearly he felt something was missing there! ;) But I feel your pain – it’s frustrating to see their cute little toys or books or clothes – or things in your house! – become the victims of random acts of art! :( Magic erasers do work wonders on laminate floors, walls, cabinets, refridgeraters, etc. though. Just not sure about hardwood…Hope you got the pen out! :)

  7. I’ve always used the mr.clean eraser sponge. it works great for crayons and stuff, try it on hardwood floors. hope that helps!

  8. I had just hung “non-scrubbable” wall paper up in my kitchen. None of my 5 children had ever colored on anything. I came home one afternoon and there was pencil on the wall. I did get it off but the paper was always a little lighter ….. anything you could write with was immediately put up high. Mr. Clean eraser sponge was not invented but key word, non-scrubbable.. I always worried when I saw that commercial about the washable crayons that kids could use on walls. Seemed like a dumb thing to let a child color on a wall and then train him not to do it. Hope you can get the pen out.

  9. Heidi,
    He was just trying to color the part that wasn’t colored. He was using his imagination and personal property means you get to do that! Now as for the floor that is a big NO-NO! Believe me I still have a side of my nice dining room table with black crayon scribbled on it,(yes they got in trouble for that) Yet I don’t have the mind to remove it ever! Those little things go away so quickly!
    Ryan and Summer are now 10 and 11 and I treasure all those things they used to do when they were little. It goes by too quick!

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