Tip for the Day: Keep a Journal

Because you never know when a Private Investigator will be sitting on your living room couch.

Flipping open her wallet to show you her Federal Investigation badge.

And then asking you a million questions about a Navy friend you had 5 years ago.

Questions that would have been very hard to answer.

If your friend wasn’t a stellar guy.

And you didn’t happen to keep an ongoing calendar journal.



Did you know that (according to my new Private Investigator friend) every member of the military has a background check every 5 years?

I didn’t!


Did you also know that according to the Privacy Act of 1974, your identity and everything you say during a background interview will be written in a report and available upon request to the person investigated?

I didn’t!

…..Until my new Private Investigator friend told me after the interview was already over.

Holy smokes.

Good thing I didn’t say anything I’d regret!


Did you also know that Private Investigators are very nice?

And they smile and say your son is very cute when he sidles up to them with a sweet little smile, looks down at their interview form, and eagerly asks, “A?”

So then they write a big “A” on their paper for him to see.

And he gets so excited that he starts laughing and pushes the coffee table across the room.

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10 thoughts on “Tip for the Day: Keep a Journal

  1. We have a friend in the navy, and had to do one of those interviews for him once. It was very intimidating, and our interviewer wasn’t nearly as nice as yours seemed to be.

  2. When Michael was applying for the governmenttjob he has now, the background check went back 7 years! They wanted to know EVERYTHING…even all his addresses in those years, and someone who may have known him, and we had to dig up some of those because the 7 years went all the way to the end of his mission. It was kind of interesting to see the report when he requested it!

  3. Wow, what a crazy story! I had no idea they did stuff like that. Did you just get a call out of the blue? And a “journal calendar” – what a great idea!!

  4. Wow, good for you for being so organized and for keeping such a good journal – can you explain “journal calendar” more for me? You continue to be one of my favorite organizational role models. :)

    And that IS a crazy story! I’m so glad she was nice. :)

  5. okay, did that make sense? I meant your ability to be so organized inspires my poor, disorganized, clutter-bug self to do better. ;)

  6. Yes, isn’t that crazy? One afternoon I answered the phone and the man asked if I wanted to be interviewed right there on the phone or have a Private Investigator come to my home. I opted for the latter so I could have time to dig out my calendars and remember what I’d done with my friend. :)

  7. Every Christmas, Charming buys me one of those big, full-size calendars and then I keep a daily log of what we do on it. It’s an easy way to keep an at-a-glance record of what we do. I’ve done it ever since I was a kid… :)

  8. LOL! Yes, I did understand. :) You are so sweet, thank you! It’s funny that you’d say that, because I think you’re totally organized! The last time I was at your house I totally admired your dry-erase calendar and how you had everything written down and organized! I think it was after that that I pulled out a dry-erase board to put on my fridge for my to-do list. :)

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