The Dress Rehearsal

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This is our little bumble bee.

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On his pre-Halloween Dress Rehearsal.

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Quickly veering off to the park as fast as his legs can carry him!

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“Sure, Little Man!” Daddy smiles and helps Bubbers down the hill and across the ditch.

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“Tank tu!!” Bubbers smiles.

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“Smooch!!” he plants a sweet kiss on Daddy’s cheek.

“Aw,” Daddy blushes, “Anytime, Little Man!”

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Then we threw him in the leaves!

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Empty?? he suddenly realizes.


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There you go!!

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Boy, I really have no idea why I’m dressed like a bumble bee….., Bubbers thinks to himself.

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But it’s so much fun…..

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I think everybody should do it!!

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Oh, holy smokes, he freezes in his tracks and looks off into the distance.

Is that what I think it is??

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What’s this??

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A stick!!

Holy smokes…..

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This goes perfectly with my leaves!…..


Back to the blackberries!!

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“Ouch,” he says.

They poke.

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“Hey look!!” he cries.

It’s my neighbors!

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Wow, he watches in amazement and wonder.

Both my Dad and Joshua picking blackberries for me.

I’m in heaven!

Joshua’s such a good friend…..

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“You can see my stick,” Bubbers says solemnly.

“Wow, what a cool stick,” Joshua responds in awe.

“Tank tu,” Bubbers replies.

And then he heads back home…..

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But….. What on earth?!?

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Everybody’s playing in the leaves!

Even Joshua’s sister, Olivia!

I can’t go home now!!

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I have to play, too!!

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Ha, ha!!

This is really great.

I could do this all day!

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I’m done.

“Hey, Joshua?” he suddenly calls out to his neighbor.

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“Could you help a brother stand up?”

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“Sorry, Bubbers!” Joshua calls back, “I’m playing with the toys!”

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[Bubbers pauses].

[And wonders].

[Will I ever stand up again?]

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Then his mother heaves him up.

And they head inside for dinner.

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10 thoughts on “The Dress Rehearsal

  1. LOL! “Unpredictable”–that’s Bubbers all right!! :) I love his randomness, but at times it makes writing a coherent blog post quite challenging… :) So I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Heidi I am so loving your dress rehearsal post. Bubbers looks like a real little boy walking along holding his pumpkin.
    Boys are so cute when they stop to investigate things like sticks.

  3. Very cute!! The obsession with sticks sure starts young, doesn’t it? We had to institute a “no sticks in the car” policy after a certain driver almost lost an eye. One of those rules you never thought you’d actually have to make a rule about…

    Darling pics!

  4. Too cute Heidi! I looked at this post with Joshua and he was saying Bubbers’ name! Then he was excited to see his face on there! Bubbers sure made a cute little bumblebee for Halloween! ~;o)

  5. What a fun story! Kids are so easily distracted! At least he figured out that something was supposed to be in the bucket!

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