Capturing a Story

Flickr has mercifully started to work for me again after two perplexing days of trouble.

So once again I am free to enter my Jane Austen fantasy land.

But first, there are two people I need to thank for helping me create this joyful venture.

The first one is Melissa.

Melissa is a dear friend of many years with a love for Jane Austen to rival my own.

And Melissa is the one who told me about a beautiful farm near her house that she knew I would love.

After telling me about this farm, she concluded, “Whenever I’m there, I feel like I should be dressed in a long empire-waist dress and lace shawl….”

A smile stole across my face and I thought to myself, Hey, why not??

And I swiftly enlisted the help of another tender hearted friend to make my scheme a reality: Preston’s Mom.

I mentioned to Preston’s Mom how unbelievably cool it would be to frolick amidst blossoms and blooms in empire-waist dresses and Jane Austen hair-does.

And you know what she said?

“I’ve never made a dress like that before, but I’d love to try!”

And boy howdy, did she ever try!

A woman who had never made a Regency dress before ended up making three!

One for me.

One for Melissa.

And one for herself.

Originally, all three of us were going to gather and giggle and pose at the farm.

But, unfortunately, Melissa was not able to attend at the last minute.

So, it was just Preston’s Mom and me this time.

Though if I can have my way, we’ll get the three of us together yet!

But until then, please enjoy the Emma Woodhouse beauty of Preston’s Mom…..

PICT0016 edited

Fresh off the pages of a beloved Jane Austen novel.

PICT0435 edited

And enjoying the beauty of the English countryside.

PICT0057 edited

Reading poetry that stirs the soul.

PICT0130 edited

And completely unaware that she herself is the heroine of her own story.

PICT0134 edited

A story full of peaceful gardens.

PICT0196 edited

And majestic trees.

PICT0329 edited

Grand entrances.

PICT0376 edited

And beautiful flowers.


Of course.

PICT0473 edited

Friendly felines!

PICT0356 edited

What a beautiful story!

Thank you for letting me capture it, Preston’s Mom!

And thank you for working your fingers to the bone on three amazing dresses.

(And thank you, Melissa, for the best idea ever!)

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6 thoughts on “Capturing a Story

  1. Oh I am SOOOO bummed that Melissa couldn’t make it. I’ll just have to go back and look at those pics from that Halloween when she and her fam did Pride & Prejudice!

    But the pics of Preston’s mom are very beautiful. My fave is the back shot of her walking down the steps. So graceful! Nice work on the dresses, too!!

  2. Aww, you’re welcome!! I’m so glad you two went and enjoyed yourselves! :) Alycia’s dress turned out SO pretty, and I just love the pictures. My favorite is the one by the fence where she’s looking down at the white flowers. You two were the perfect Jane Austen heroines!! :)

  3. She makes a great Emma! I love those dresses. When I’m not feeling quite so fat, I’ll have to look into making one myself!

  4. Thanks for posting the pictures, and thanks again for going with me. Too bad I didn’t look very happy in most of them. :)

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