Quirky Meme

Please accept my apologies.

I had grand hopes of posting more pictures from my romantical adventures as Regency maidens on the hillsides of England.

But Flickr had other plans.

And has not been working all day.

So, I must change gears and give you something without pictures for the time being…..

Long, long ago, I was tagged by my friends Andrea and Wandering Nana-Linda to reveal 6 of my unspectacular quirks to you.

So, please prepare yourselves…..

To be quirked.

Quirk #1:

I love collecting data.

This love was born during my training as an SLP, where data was highly valued and absolutely necessary in assessing and treating children.

And this love has carried into how I mother.

I’ve been taking data on Bubbers’ sleep habits since he was two months old.

I take data on the date and order that each of his teeth come in.

I take data on how often we read to him (which doesn’t really count, because it’s for earning books at the library).

And I take running data on the words he says, how he articulates them and how his articulation progresses.

This data empowers me and comforts me.

I love collecting data.

Quirk #2:

I love alphabetizing.

All of my secular DVD’s are alphabetized in one case.

All of my church DVD’s are alphabetized in another case.

And all of my CD’s are alphabetized in a third case.

I love alphabetizing.

Quirk #3:

I love computer folders.

Files on my computer are contained in a complex organization of folders within folders within folders.

This complex organization makes complete sense to me.

But always leaves Charming shaking his head with a smile and asking, “Where do you keep that file again??”

I love computer folders.

Quirk #4:

I love Outlook reminders.

When I took over all bill-paying responsibilities in our household, I had no idea when things were due.

And some bills came in the mail.

But some bills didn’t.

And some were due through a website.

But some were due through the mail.

It wasn’t long before I was stacking up the late payments and completely frustrated with the whole system.

And then my husband introduced me to setting up tasks and reminders in Microsoft Outlook.

Now I have one reminder to pay the bill (and how it needs to be paid).

And another reminder to check and make sure the payment went through.

It has saved my bacon.

I love Outlook reminders.

Quirk #5:

I love thematic toys.

Another love born from my SLP training is a love for toys that encourage thematic play.

These are toys that have a theme around which one plays.

Like a polar set with Eskimos, an igloo, a dog sled, a boat and polar animals.

Or a Potato Head set with potato heads, eyes, ears, shoes, etc.

Or a farm set.

Or a train set.

Or a veterinarian set.

(Or my personal favorite when I was a kid: A fairy tale set!)

These types of toys encourage imaginative play, cognitive development and language development.

And they’re super fun to play with, too.

I love thematic toys.

Quirk #6:

I love bins.

As much as I can, I keep things organized and stored in clear plastic bins from Walmart.

If a thematic toy set I buy doesn’t come with its own container, I buy a little bin with a white lid for it.

It helps keep track of little pieces.

And it helps keep the mess down.

Because Bubbers can’t open them by himself.

And we don’t open one for him until the previous one has been cleaned up and put away.

I love bins.

The End. :)

p.s. I tag anyone who has 6 quirks they’d like to share.

p.p.s. Thanks for the tag Andrea and Wandering Nana! :)

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4 thoughts on “Quirky Meme

  1. The outlook calendar is the best invention ever! I dont’ use it for bills, but for our(my husband’s) busy schedule. My husband teases me about my need to schedule everything, and that if it’s not on the calendar we can’t do it. We musn’t be spontaneous around here!

  2. I enjoyed reading your answers and I have a vision of you been a very organised person.
    It is the only way to go though as it keeps things flowing happily.
    Mr Potato Head has also been a favourite of mine for the kids.

  3. I got a good giggle while reading your quirks. Not that there is anything wrong with your quirks, but becasuse I have almost the same quirks. I love data, too. When I was a kid, I used to make note off how much sleep I got. Then I would calculate averages. What would I do without my Outlook reminders?! I, too, love my folders, and my file names. :) Bins are great, because I don’t like thematic toys sets getting mixed together. Thank you for sharing.

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