His Favorite Season

I’m quite certain that if you asked my son what his favorite season is, and he could answer you, he would tell you fall.

And I’m quite certain that if you asked him why fall is his favorite season, and he could answer you, he would tell you…..

PICT0074 edited

….. Blackberries.

Because I’ve recently discovered that during blackberry season, my son frequently makes the following faces.

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And the funny thing is, I came upon this discovery quite by accident.

Back a couple weeks ago, I went by our old house before the sale closed to get the last few things we’d left behind.

And as I collected our things, the Wooga man happily explored rooms he likely didn’t remember.

Then I decided we’d better check the back garage while we were at it.

And as soon as we stepped into the backyard, I glanced in the back corner and caught sight of the gigantic blackberry bush attacking our wood shed and trying to overtake the yard.

Hmmm, I thought to myself, I wonder if any of them are ripe…..

The thought stayed with me as I went through the garage.

And when I was finished, I bent down and smiled at my son.

“Hey Little Man,” I said with a twinkle in my eyes, “Would you like to pick some blackberries?”

Immediate interest sparked in his eyes.

And he followed me with eagerness and only 42 distracted wanderings as we made our way to the back corner.

And sure enough, there were countless blackberries ripe and ready to be eaten!

I found a clump down low that Bubbers could see and pointed them out to him.

Then I picked one and let him eat it.

And that’s when he realized three things.

1) He really, really liked it.

2) There were a lot more where that came from.

3) And they were hanging right in front of him.

Needless to say, he scarfed down as much as I would let him and I only got him away with the promise that he’d get more soon.

And that “soon” turned into five more blackberry hunts with more on the horizon.

Now, two of these hunts have occurred at our park next door.

One day a neighbor kid told us that the back end of the park was covered in blackberry bushes, so the next chance we got, I took the Wooga man back there.

And it was an immediate hit!

So of course we had to go again.

But this time I was prepared for trekking through mud and wet grass…..

PICT0070 edited

…..with brand new boots!

PICT0027 edited

Aren’t they so cute?

I just can’t get over how cute they are.

Even if they are two sizes too big and cause extreme pain while putting on.

They’re absolutely adorable.

PICT0025 edited

And positively immobilizing.

The poor kid couldn’t take a single step without losing his balance and falling down.

It hadn’t occurred to me that he’d have to relearn how to walk in them.

So I took pity on him and helped him walk.

And all the way there we talked about the blackberries:

And as soon as we reached them…..

PICT0044 edited

….. I couldn’t pick them fast enough!

(Holy smokes, I love this look).

(When the eyebrows descend and the lips pucker out, you know he means business).

PICT0040 edited

And he knew exactly what to do with them!

PICT0090 edited

And when he lost his balance, he grabbed a hold of my pants.

PICT0086 edited

And kept right on eating.

PICT0083 edited

Then looked up at me with those pleading eyes and a blackberry stained mouth…..

PICT0045 edited

….. So I caved in and moved close enough for him to hold on and pick at the same time.

PICT0028 edited

And I loved how cute his little hands were grasping at those berries.

PICT0064 edited

Then we moved on and found a new clump.

PICT0065 edited

And he held onto my fingers with one hand.

PICT0066 edited

And ate with the other hand.

PICT0058 edited

And I had to zoom in on those cute Wooga fingers again.

PICT0059 edited

That held the berries so tenderly.

PICT0060 edited

And didn’t even care that they’d received their first ever blackberry casualty.

And the first real cut of the Little Man’s life.

But it didn’t faze him for a second.

And it wasn’t long before he suddenly let go of my hand…..

PICT0101 edited

….. and took off!!!

PICT0104 edited

As if he hadn’t just been clinging to my hand for dear life!!

PICT0106 edited

But I guess that’s what happens when he decides he wants to go in the tennis courts.

PICT0111 edited

And make adorable Wooga prints.

PICT0129 edited

That made me fall in love with his boots all over again.

PICT0135 edited

And how they were all covered in grass.

PICT0136 edited

Just like a little boy’s boots should be.

PICT0150 edited

After that, he discovered his very first puddle.

PICT0145 edited

And I taught him how to stomp through it.

PICT0149 edited

Because that’s what little boys in boots do with puddles.

PICT0158 edited

So they can make more adorable Wooga prints!

PICT0120 edited

Then after he’d explored all the puddles…..

PICT0162 edited

….. He suddenly realized that something was different.

PICT0164 edited

And sticky.

PICT0165 edited

And red.

PICT0166 edited

And wrong.

PICT0161 edited

The End.

p.s. When Prince Charming came home from work that afternoon, he was greeted by this sight in the garage and said it was the cutest thing he’d ever seen.

PICT0215 edited

May there always be love, laughter and little dirty boots in our lives.

p.p.s. Just kidding on “The End.” This story will be continued tomorrow by the Bubbers King…..

Thursday morning, October 9, 2008

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14 thoughts on “His Favorite Season

  1. That was an awesome post! Thanks for doing that, Love! I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s post.

    That picture of him running off in his boots is SO cute!

  2. I loved that post, Heidi! Those boots are so cute – I bet he’ll get the hang of tromping around in them in no time. Boots are great. My boys have gone through many a pair during all their little boy adventures. My favorite pics were the ones with the footprints. :) Hope those fingers heal soon! Blackberries are worth a few pricks, though. Yum yum… I wonder if there’s any left back behind our library…

  3. Awe, how fun! I miss the blackberries. Josh got to stomp in his first puddle last week too, unfortunately I didn’t have my camera.

  4. What a cute story! I love his little chubby cheeks when he’s eating the berries! I cannot even tell you how much I miss blackberry season there…

  5. Such a day of discoveries! Blackberries, thorns, puddles and footprints! I love blackberries and you are so lucky they grow wild there.

  6. Wow! You are so lucky. I don’t think we’d ever stumble upon anything edible in our backyard or neighborhood. The only living things here are people and cockroaches. It looks like you guys had quite the fun adventure. As always, I love your photography. What is Bubber’s real name? You should email me so that when I read your blog I can have his real name in the back of my head. He’s darling by the way.

  7. What fun! We used to pick blackberries when we lived there. I never thought to let William pick any though. I was always too worried about that first casualty. Seeing how Bubbers handled it makes me think I might have jipped him though.

  8. So I am curious why did you go with boots that were 2 sizes too large, and does it make it hard for him to walk in them? Guy has really tiny feet, and they don’t make boots his size, at least that are easy to find. I’ve debated as what to do. Cinderella has boots, and I’d like to get some for Guy too. Let me know how the larger boots work for you.

  9. Hey Julie!

    Yeah, the reason they’re two sizes too big is because they were the smallest ones available. And once he got the hang of them, he walked perfectly without a problem. But it took a good while before he did. :)

  10. Heidi, I just loved this post. I love how you tell such great stories through pictures, it is absolutely beautiful.

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