The Culprit

PICT0049 sepia

I knew they were furry.

I knew they were fast.

I knew my son loved them.

I hear him call, “Gwah!!  Gwah!!!!

But I never knew.

No I never knew.

What they would do.

To our poor plum tree.

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Hello! My name is Heidi. I went to college and got a couple degrees. Then I worked as a Speech-language Pathologist for two years until Bubbers came along. While I loved my job and working with kids, I love my job as a mom best. I started a blog because I love to write. I’ve written stories my whole life. Deep down inside my heart, I secretly dream to be published in paper someday. Until then, I’m publishing for y’all and hope you enjoy it! Here are a few of my latest posts...

5 thoughts on “The Culprit

  1. My 80 year old MIL has a pellet gun (Loaded) by her back door. She has become quite good at killing squirrels who ravage her fruit trees. :)

  2. I’m surprised as I know squirrels eat everything but I didn’t realize they would go after plums. Cute picture.

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