The Great Plum Mystery

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This is the only clue I have for you to solve the Great Plum Mystery (I loved that line from your comment so much, Melissa, I just had to use it!). :)

No, this is not a plum.

We haven’t seen a trace of the countless plums that used to be on our tree since we got home from my family reunion last month.

We left and it was full.

We got back and it was empty.

And I had no idea why.


I found this Asian pear core on my deck one morning.


Those teeth marks aren’t from me.

Or Charming.

Or even the Bubbers Monster.

(Can you solve the Great Plum Mystery??)

(And even better yet, can you tell us how to save our plums from the same fate next year???)

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4 thoughts on “The Great Plum Mystery

  1. Looks like a critter (maybe a raccoon). They don’t like noise or things moving around, so you hang things in the tree that are shiny and noisy. Another is to look who has a batch of plum jam in their cupboard “D

  2. Could it be squirrels? My neighbor feeds the local squirrels peanuts. This summer, as I checked on my one strawberry planter, I found no strawberries, but mysterious peanut shells at the base of the plants. While I appreciate squirrels and all things nature, I would have appreciated a few homegrown strawberries left for us!

  3. Yeah, my guess would be squirrels, too. My parents had a little plum tree when I was a teenager, and I remember watching the whole tree quiver as a squirrel (or two) scurried to the end a branch to pluck off a snack. Then it would sit there in the tree munching away, and throw down the pit on unsuspecting passers-by. ;)

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