Measuring Time by General Conference

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Every six months, our living Prophet and Apostles speak hope, faith and love to the entire world during General Conference.

It’s happening this weekend and every time it happens now, Charming and I look at each other and smile.

“You know what Bubbers was doing the last time we watched General Conference?” I ask him.

“Yeah,” he looks adoringly at the Little Man, “He was 11 months old and learning how to climb on his trampoline.”

“That’s right,” I laugh, following his gaze to our sweet son, “And do you remember the time before that? His very first Conference ever?”

“We were in our old house, he was 5 months old, and he rolled over for the first time,” Charming remembers in amazement.

You see in our house, we reckon time by General Conference.

And the next time General Conference rolls around, Bubbers will be almost 2 years old.

Holy smokes.

(Where’s the pause button on time??)

(If you find it, please let me know ASAP!)

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This time around, our little Wooga man is almost 18 months old.

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And he cannot get enough of his Daddy.

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You see, Daddy just started graduate school and the Wooga man doesn’t get to see him as much as usual.

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So when Woogies does get to see his Daddy, he doesn’t let him out of his sight! :)

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Something else he really loved was the children’s choir (just like his Mommy!).

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They sang the most touching songs.

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And Woogies watched the whole thing.

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And pulled out his cute dance moves that we love so much! :)

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Before going after the mouse.

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And at one point, I had to take advantage of the fact that he was holding still for longer than a millisecond.

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And try as he might.

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He couldn’t resist my goofy antics to get a smile. :):)

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And during the prayers…..

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Our hearts melted when he folded his arms so sweetly.

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5 thoughts on “Measuring Time by General Conference

  1. Sha baby…He is just so cute. I love all of the close-up pictures of him. I just want to go and pinch his cute little cheeks!!! :D

  2. he is a doll! and we do the same … time passes by conferences … not so much by years ;) this was a great post! thanks for sharing such darling pics!

  3. Such sweet pictures of Bubbers & his Daddy! I love how he has his hand on Charming’s arm! :) And I do the same thing – measure time by General Conference. It’s always amazing to realize how much my kids, especially the youngest, have grown in just 6 months…And then when Conference draws to a close, I always find myself thinking about how much MORE my kids will have grown by the time another 6 months have passed. Time goes so fast when they’re little. Somebody, somewhere must have their finger on the “fast-foward” button!

  4. Thats awesome, I wish our kids sat still like that for conference. Elora was mad that she couldn’t watch cartoons
    Josh is that way with Joseph, who is gone from 3:30 AM till 9:00 PM some days of the week. He yells “Daddy” when he comes home, and wants to be picked up right away. And at night, he doesn’t want me to put him to bed anymore, he wants daddy! Its kind of sad for me!

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