“Gah-gah! Gah-gahhhh!!”

We live at the end of a quiet, peaceful cul-de-sac.

And every once in a while, we hear a dog bark or a plane fly by or a lawn mower start up.

But other than that, it’s quiet and peaceful.


At that same special time every week.

Right after Bubbers gets up from his morning nap.

When he’s still groggy and disheveled.

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But as soon as he hears it, he snaps into action.

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Gah-gah! Gah-gahhh!!” he shrieks four octaves above middle C.

And then climbs onto the living room couch as fast as his little Wooga legs will let him.

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Instantly becoming mesmerized.

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Clutching the couch with his little fingers.

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And never once breaking eye contact.

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With his beloved “Gah-gahhh!!

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He watches until it’s gone.

And then eagerly waits for it to come again next week.