My New Haircut: The every day look

September 11th, 2008

I’ve never had my hair this length with layers before and at first I wasn’t sure I liked it.

PICT0051 edited small

But once I got the hang of doing it, I realized I loved it.

PICT0047 edited small

I let it air dry and my natural curl is in heaven.

PICT0006 edited

“What in the world are you doing, Mom??”

PICT0020 edited small

But it’s still long enough to put in a ponytail.

PICT0027 edited small

With a few short wisps that make me feel feminine.

PICT0006 edited

“Um, I think you just said the word feminine…..”

PICT0003 edited


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m | 9/11/2008 8:54 pm

That’s my little chip off the old block! Tomorrow, we eat burgers off the grill! And burp!

Darcy D | 9/11/2008 10:40 pm

WOW! That is from air drying? I wish I could do that. You really look good!

charlotte | 9/12/2008 5:57 am

You look gorgeous Heidi!! I love your hair – it is sooooo pretty:) And Bubbers “reactions” are darling. I bet he loves it too.

JS | 9/12/2008 6:02 am

I find that the longer my hair gets there is a little curl (well more like a wave) in it, but its gone if I cut my hair. Dandelion Mama did a hair challenge, it was fun to follow along and watch her frizz that she normally kept in a knot on the top of her head transform into perfect little boinger curls! Letting hair air dry is great! Your hair looks great!

Heidi | 9/13/2008 10:56 pm

I don’t think I’ve heard of Dandelion Mama… Do you have a link to her on your blog?

Kara | 9/12/2008 8:57 am

Your hair is lovely, and your son very cute! :)

alycia | 9/12/2008 9:20 am

You are absolutely stunning Heidi! Your hair looks beautiful, I love it down! I just love your eyes too, and your blue shirt just makes them stand out even more. Beautiful!

Heidi | 9/13/2008 10:57 pm

Wow, thank you, everyone!!


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