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Hello Everyone!

Charming, Bubbers and I just got back from a long weekend road trip (and I am still recovering amidst a house in which a bomb has exploded!).

Before we left, I scheduled a few posts to publish while I was gone, but I wasn’t able to respond to any comments during our trip.


  • Thank you very much for liking my new hair cut!  I didn’t post a “before” picture because I didn’t take one.  But believe me when I say it looks much better than it did before! :)  (It was about four inches longer and all one length).  Oh, and I do have natural curl, but those pictures were after blow drying with a round brush.  As soon as my house is put back together again, I’ll try and get a picture of my day-to-day look for y’all.
  • The toes picture was Charming’s hilarious idea that I totally ruined.  The other night at dinner, he was feeding the Little Man his carrots and suddenly said to me, “Hey Heidi, wouldn’t it be funny if you did one of your foofy “It tells me a story” posts, except instead of having a girly picture with flowers, you had a picture of my big toe?”  (He really likes to tease me about my foofy romantical “It tells me a story” picture posts).  I thought about it and then laughed, “Ha, ha!  That would be funny.  Let’s do it!”  So that night he took off his sock and I tried to take a picture of his big toe.  Except my camera wouldn’t zoom in and focus that close, so I had to zoom out and take a picture of his four toes instead.  Then I edited it to look like a legitimately dramatic picture.  Except.  It was supposed to be a joke.  But.  It didn’t work.  Sorry!!
  • I’m glad you liked the picture Bubbers took.  Seeing that little remote in his hands always makes me laugh.  And no, we haven’t painted our poor shed, yet.  I still want to do the brown, so we’re waiting until our finances are better and we can buy a matching stain.  (Please don’t hate me, those who voted for red!!)
  • I loved your comments on the worn out socks!  After taking the picture of Charming’s toes, I noticed the huge, gaping hole as he put his sock back on.  He says it doesn’t bother him, so he doesn’t throw them away.  And he’s asked me not to secretly throw them away.  And right now I’m not inclined to darn them (which is a very good idea, Wandering Nana!).  So, all I could do was take a picture, shake my head and kiss my husband. :)

Well, I’m off to attack my house again…..  Good night!!

Heidi :)

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  1. I still want to know what story the toes told…since it was Charming’s idea I think he should be the one to tell the story. Good Luck on the darning. “}

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