Tip for the day: How to do your laundry

Step 1: Turn on the washing machine.

Step 2: Pour laundry soap into the washing machine.

Step 3: Leave the laundry room.

Step 4: Rescue your toddler who has snapped himself into his car, but doesn’t know how to unsnap himself.

Step 5: Do the dishes.

Step 6: Pack your toddler into the car.

Step 7: Shop at Walmart.

Step 8: Stop by Staples on the way home.

Step 9: Eat lunch.

Step 10: Put your toddler down for his afternoon nap.

Step 11: Walk down to the laundry room to switch the clothes.

Step 12: On your way, realize that you never actually put clothes into the washing machine.

Step 13: Repeat.

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15 thoughts on “Tip for the day: How to do your laundry

  1. Do you need a hug?…. of course you do realize I’m rolling on the floor because I’m laughing so hard. I usually get all that and then come to take it out and realize I never started it. Oh well, too many things to do.

  2. Wait – have you been spying on me? I thought that was my patented laundry technique! That and forgetting I put a load in the washer only to discover it 3 very smelly days later and have to rewash it. Only to forget it again. Sigh…

  3. That is so true! I’ve also left it just sitting without closing the lid (so it never runs) and I think I’ve run it without soap. And I say Alyssa’s easily distracted! :)

  4. That’s too funny, Heidi! Are you trying to tell me that you’re a little more human than I think?

  5. I’ve done the leaving it in the machine for three days thing, but it was before I lived here and had to take it somewhere else to dry it.
    The question I have is: did you really repeat?

  6. Hmmm, sounds like you are not alone in doing that…I have even done it…more than once! My thing now is putting things away where they don’t belong, the cereal in the fridge, the ketchup in the pantry, etc… I told Michael the other day just imagine if I’m this way now how much worse it will be in 10-20-30 years!

  7. lol! I wondered that too! :)

    I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten to put the cloths in, but I have forgotten soap and closing the lid!

  8. Yup, Heidi, you are definitely not alone! Since I have a front loader, I have to put all the clothes in first, close the door, THEN start it…But of course there have been many many times when I’ve gotten everything ready, shut the door, and then I’m distracted by something…and a couple of hours later I go to switch the laundry and realize I never pushed “start”. sigh. Worst was when I opened the washer once to find a load of laundry I’d put in two days before, still dry and unwashed. Aha! THAT’S why I was running low on dish rags! :)

  9. Great to hear I am not the only one! ~;o) That was so funny, it gave me a good laugh! Thanks I needed that! A little tip for laundry that has been sitting for too long in the washer without being put in the dryer: put a cup full of white vinegar and a little more soap in and wash the load lightly one more time, that takes out the stinky, musty smell from sitting too long and makes the load fresh and fluffy!

  10. I have totally done the same thing before!! So disappointing to learn that all of the multi-tasking was is vain. Glad to know I’m not tha only one.

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