The Danger Zone

One of my favorite things about motherhood is watching the Bubbers king learn new things and develop new skills.

I love the look of pure concentration that comes over his face.

And how quiet he gets.

And how he rarely gives up, but works and works until he gets it right or finally asks me for help.

I also love how amazingly fast he’s learning new motor skills these days…..

Like one lazy afternoon about 6 weeks ago, when Bubbers was just barely 14 months old, we were in the backyard enjoying the sunshine.

And the Bubbers king suddenly toddled on over to the big slide.

And I remembered the last time he’d played on the big slide and how much help he’d needed.

Then I pulled out the video camera to record his first attempt at climbing it alone and wondered how long it would be before he called out to me for help.


He never did.

And over the next 5 minutes, my jaw dropped lower and lower.

For right before my eyes, my own little man, who had hitherto been confined to the horizontal plane of movement, suddenly became vertically bound all on his own!

My favorite things about this video:

  • His little tumbles that don’t faze him a bit
  • My unusual restraint in sitting back and allowing him to fall and learn from his mistakes
  • His sweet looks back at me before every attempt
  • His huge smiles once he reaches the top!!
  • How his hat never falls off
  • His cute little Wooga arms (and legs) (and torso) (and everything)
  • How amazing and miraculous it all is

p.s.  It wasn’t long after this that he performed his infamous blog post.  And after that, the Wooga man began climbing furniture throughout the whole house! :)

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6 thoughts on “The Danger Zone

  1. We loved the video (the Mr is home until new job is found). It is amazing how fast they figure out how to do things. What a brilliant child, he realized to take his shoes off. Soooo cute.

  2. What a fun video of your boy. He appears to have quite an tenacious and determined personality. That was really smart of him at 1 to figure out that he needed to take his shoes off.

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