I couldn’t help myself…

When I went online just now and saw that y’all were able to answer my last question so easily, I suddenly became madly hopeful that you could help me out again.

And since the Bubbers king was still napping, I grabbed my camera, ran out into the rain and stopped in front of my neighbor’s house.

PICT0044 edited

Who happens to have a beautifully romantic tree growing.

PICT0050 edited

A tree with these dainty bunches of purple flowers all over it.

PICT0048 edited

Flowers that only look prettier when covered in raindrops.

I had thought numerous times of googling “purple flower tree”, but despaired of really finding out what it’s called.

(And, of course, it never occurred to me until now to actually ask my neighbor).

(But really, the dear lady’s already helped me out enough, so I should probably leave her in peace?)

So, dear blog readers…

Can you do it again?

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I have no idea what they are…

PICT0255 edited

But I absolutely love them.

PICT0260 edited

And they’re growing on a bush in my front yard.

Right next to the driveway.

So I see them every time I pull in.

And they make me smile.

And think pleasant thoughts.

Like how much I love the color blue.

And how beautiful this miraculous world is.

Pictures by: Heidi