The Zebra Story (part 3)

From our perch up in the backhoe shovel, the zebras looked very small.

But they were definitely there.

My heart rate accelerated and a smile came to my lips.

There they are! I thought, Real live zebras!

I turned to my sister and Mom.

They looked just as excited as I felt.

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As we rumbled closer, the zebras perked up and looked at us.

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And quite understandably, they appeared to be as interested in us as we were in them.

(Something about three gals sitting in a backhoe shovel with their feet sticking out).

(Probably not something they saw every day).

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Then the man driving the backhoe slowed to a stop and let us just sit and watch them for a while.

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They were truly beautiful.

And as I clutched onto the sharp edge of the shovel, I shook my head in disbelief.

And to think, I smiled to myself, I almost missed all this because I wanted to stay home and read a Nancy Drew novel!

(The End!)

So that, my dear blog readers, is how I almost got killed by a herd of zebras. :)


Pictures by: Teenage Heidi

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7 thoughts on “The Zebra Story (part 3)

  1. It looks like there is several of them! Beautiful! It’s nice that you could get so close, or were you further away and zoomed in to get the picture?

  2. Very cool that you have near-death pictures to go along with the tale. The zebras look very squattish and un-lifethreatening. But now we know that under those stripes…

  3. @JS: These are real distance pictures. If I recall correctly, that camera didn’t zoom. :)

    @Jesse: My thoughts precisely!

    @Tearese: No, I don’t remember the man ever explaining it to us. I guess I assumed they would spontaneously attack with great ferocity from the way he was yelling at us so urgently.

  4. Great story! And pictures – what a treat! :) And I have to tell you, after reading this post yesterday, I had the STRANGEST dream last night! I dreamed that I was outside trying to take a picture of my kids playing when a ZEBRA appeared on our deck! I was trying to hurry and usher the kids inside, lest the “ferocious” animal attack. And then the darned thing started eating my tomato plant! Oh no!! ;)

    Just goes to show you what an impact your blog has on me. heehee Yep, I’m weird. ;)

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