Our growing fruit

All of our fruit trees are in full production mode now and it’s so fun to go out and watch their progress.

PICT0004 edited

The cherries are ripening like mad and need to be picked almost every day.

So it’s a good thing we’ve discovered the Wooga man is a bottomless cherry pit.

The little guy was thrilled to spend a good portion of today eagerly pointing at the tree and asking for cherry after cherry.

And holy smokes–the kid doesn’t even chew them!  Just swallows them whole and immediately wants another one!

I barely have time to keep them coming and steal a couple for myself now and then.

(And I’m very curious about what will happen to the mounds of cherry pits I’m heedlessly tossing on the ground in order to keep the Wooga mouth satisfied…..)

PICT0008 edited

The peaches are struggling a bit, but I’m still rootin’ for them and dreaming about peaches in milk and sugar someday…..

PICT0010 edited

The apples are going great and getting bigger every day.

PICT0022 edited

And these things are growing like crazy.

But I don’t know what they are.

Do you??

PICT0014 edited

Same with these.

PICT0019 edited

They’re growing like crazy, but I have no idea what they are.

I’m hoping they’re apricots.

Because I really love apricots.

But honestly, I just love fruit in general, so it doesn’t really matter what they are.

And I should just be glad they’re growing at all…..

PICT0025 edited

….. With such hungry little visitors!

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7 thoughts on “Our growing fruit

  1. The one does look like an apricot. You could take the other one to the nursery and they could tell you. Are the cherries just coming on now? Is this late or is this the time they come on here (Ut is usually in June and peaches come in Aug.)

  2. Sorry, looks like my nature loving daughter got him hooked on cherries! ~;o)

  3. The last friut almost looks like a plum (not ripe of course), but I haven’t seen a plum on a tree in many years. Maybe you will have enough cherries to make something yummy!

  4. Plum! I have to agree, but it would be easier to tell with a good veiw of the leaves. Apricot leaves are fairly round with a little point onthe end. Plum leaves are more almond shaped. Your fruit is lovely! I’m anxiously awaiting peach season here. We’re a bit ahead of you. Summer comes early here. which is why we can’t grow nice apples like yours! :)

  5. wow, how fun to have all that fruit! I thought plum too. We had a cherry try in my backyard growing up. THere were always bugs eating the leaves, and each year more branches died. Eventually the whole tree died. So sad.

  6. I think those first “mystery fruits” are pears – in fact, they look just like the Asian Pears we *used* to have in our backyard…We had an abundant amount of the delectable pears our first year, but something has gotten to the poor little tree and this year it didn’t even bloom. :( Asian Pears (also called “apple pears”) are round instead of pear shape and are more firm than a regular pear. They’re sweet and juicy and yuuuummmmy! Anyway, enjoy! They should be ripe in the fall.

    And I agree that the second pic looks like a plum, but I can’t say for sure…

  7. Okay, I couldn’t resist trying again to figure out the “mystery fuits” as Melissa called them. I agree with her that the first one is a type of pear, but I wonderd if it might be closer to this type of pear than the one she’s talking about because of the way it’s sort of clustered on the branch-mind, I’m going almost entirely off internet pictures, so I don’t claim complete accuracy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Callery_Pear
    I still can’t guess the one in the middle, but it’s something with a pit. :)

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