The Animal Farm (a play-by-play…)

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As I mentioned earlier, my dear husband was absent on a business trip a while back, and while he was gone, I packed every day with fun, friends and outings to keep from being too lonely.

And in addition to The Water Park, I also took the Wooga man to see the local Animal Farm with a dear friend of ours.

Knowing the little man and how much he adores animals, I knew we were in for a great day.

And boy was I excited!

Because the last time I took the little man to see the local Animal Farm …..

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….. He was exactly 2 months old.

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And was much more interested in sleeping than looking at these strange things called animals.

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Even when I held him way up high and the goats tried to eat his car seat, he didn’t flicker an eyelid.

But this time, I knew things would be different.

And boy was I right!

The minute we stepped inside the gate, the Wooga man took off and headed toward the first animal in sight…..

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….. Which happened to be this docile little calf.

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And without a moment’s hesitation, the Wooga man claimed her for all to see.

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“I claim her for all to see!”

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Then, just to make absolute sure, he scattered a handful of wood chips on the poor thing that marked her as Wooga territory.

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And figured that should do it.

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And the calf wasn’t about to argue with him.

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So then the little man moved on to the next unsuspecting farm soul.

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And without so much as a “How-do-you-do?”…..

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Covered him in Wooga wood chips, too!

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And then he got overly excited and yanked on the little guy’s poor ear.

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And I launched myself across the expanse of wood chips to save the baby goat who was so brave and didn’t utter a single bleat.

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But as soon as I left, the little man went straight for the ear again.

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So I told the little man we were done with the accommodating little goat and we moved on.

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And I saw this poor naked little lamb.

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“Have you seen my wool?” he asked me so pathetically.

And I had to swallow my chuckles and answer, “No, I’m so sorry. But I hope you find it soon.”

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And then I tracked down the Wooga man.

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Who looked so cute squatting down to see the chickens.

That I just watched him and smiled.

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And then he went over to the duck pond.

And I smiled again to see his little Wooga squat.

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Then he looked down…..

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….. Reached out a chubby little hand …..

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….. And shoved some Wooga wood chips through the gate.

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But it didn’t work so well.

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“It didn’t work so well,” he said with disappointment.

“Do you think people will still know I’ve claimed them as my territory??” he asked with grave concern.

“Yes,” I reassured him confidently, “People will still know. I wouldn’t worry about it.”

That seemed to appease him.

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And he took off to climb the nearest chair.

And I just couldn’t resist…..

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….. Capturing the cute Wooga jeans.

PICT0294 edited

And chubby Wooga hand.

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Then I tried to get “artsy”.

But it made me really dizzy.

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And the Wooga man started eating hygienically clean animal farm wood chips.

So I started gagging.

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And the little man laughed his head off.

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And tried to stuff his face.

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And didn’t believe me when I threatened to wash his mouth out with hand sanitizer.

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Then I stared at his long eyelashes and tried to get “artsy” again.

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But he wasn’t buying it and took off to see the horses.

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And then I asked the horse in my sweetest barnyard voice, “Would you mind posing for my blog readers?”

“Neigh!” he answered.

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And happily obliged.

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Then the little man took off in earnest.

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And followed his internal radar to the nearest playground of fun.

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12 thoughts on “The Animal Farm (a play-by-play…)

  1. What a fun trip! My fave part was the eating of the wood chips. What is it about kids and wood chips?? Although now I’m wondering if Charming always gets so dressed up for the farm??

  2. I love the picture of him eating wood chips! I also love the posing horse. Good job with the artsy pictures too! :)

  3. We have a picture of Elora last July with the calf that was there. I think she thought it was a big dog.
    I loved your artsy shots!

  4. Oh My! He is so cute and I love his little squatting legs with his hands on his knees. So precious.

    Do you think he thought he was feeding the animals (with the wood chips)?

  5. Love Love Love those little jeans…those long eyelashes…and that pic of his chubby little hand! No wonder you are so madly in love! Who wouldn’t be? :) Great story, well told (I love the way you narrate his thoughts).

  6. Heidi:
    I think you are getting carried away with so many pictures. Some of us have other things to do in the day….:-) But they were fun!!

  7. Is there anything as cute as little kids and little animals-together? I don’t think so. I especially liked artsy shot #2.

  8. Aw, thank you, everyone! I just can’t get enough of this little guy, so I love that you enjoy him, too! :)

    I’m also pleased that you liked my attempt at being artsy. Maybe I’ll have to try it again someday… :)
    @dep: LOL! Yeah, I totally got carried away. 41 pictures is likely a record for me–but I just couldn’t help myself… I hope you’ll forgive me. Or just turn me off and do the things you need to do. :):)

  9. Oh what a lovely story. Bubbers is so cute and what a swwet boy trying to stake his terrority with bark chips and then have a munch.

  10. He looks like your mom!…I remember when my Ryan was that age he is now 11. By the way do remember going to the Whitakers after a blessing? That was my Ryan’s blessing!

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