Searching for the yellow flower

The other day, I went on an early morning walk with the Bubbers King.

(Well–I mean–it was early morning for us).

And I contentedly pushed my son in his stroller as I hummed “Oklahoma!” tunes and took pictures of my neighbors’ yards along the way.

(No, I didn’t ask permission).

(But I promise I stayed on the sidewalk the whole time).

(Even though I really, really wanted to break out my knee pads and lay on their lawns).

(But I figured I looked weird enough as it was).

(And I found out later a lady from church was watching me from her house).

(So it’s a good thing I didn’t).

(Or I really would have freaked her out).

(Because our relationship just isn’t ready for that, yet).

Then a few days later, I looked through the pictures and found one that I really liked.

PICT0048 edited

Except for the distracting leaf hanging right over the flower.

And I asked myself, “Why on earth didn’t I move that leaf??”

Then I remembered my efforts to stay on the sidewalk and not touch other people’s property.

And then I slapped my forehead and thought, “Man alive, it’s just a leaf…..  Surely it wouldn’t hurt to move it for 10 seconds while I take a picture.”

So after a few minutes of stewing and complaining to Charming, I suddenly stood up from the computer and grabbed my camera.

“Where are you going?” Charming asked curiously.

“I’m going to find that flower and try again,” I said as I marched toward the door.

Then I paused, looked down at my saggy bottom sweatpants and asked Charming, “Do you think it’s okay to go out in my saggy bottom sweatpants?”

He eyed me and nodded his head, “I think you look great.  It doesn’t bother me.”

“Okay!” I said and left before I lost my nerve.

(Note: This was before I knew the lady from church could see me from her house…..).

Then I marched through the park and down the street and found my flower bush.

(And along the way a cute little girl asked me what kind of shoes she was wearing).

(And I smiled and said, “I’m so sorry.  I don’t know what they’re called.  Maybe clogs?”)

(And I walked very quickly).

(And her father said, “What a nice lady”).

(And I tried really, really hard not to think about my saggy bottom sweatpants).

And when I finally knelt down beside my flower bush, I sighed with disappointment.

Because it was all wilted.

With no sign of my pretty yellow flower.

Or it’s distracting leaf.

“Rats!” I said as I stood up and headed back home.

But since I had a camera in my hands and a beautiful evening around me, I knew I couldn’t return with an empty memory card.

PICT0008 edited

So I found this lovely blue flower.

And I remembered why blue is my favorite color.

(And then I did crazy Gaussian blur stuff to it).

(That made me really whoozy).

(And made the flower look strangely ethereal).

(But it took so long–I had no choice but to like it).

PICT0008 sepia

And then I got really crazy and turned it sepia.

Just for the fun of it.

(And to see if I was still whoozy).

(Which I was).

PICT0016 edited

But my favorite one was this dear little pink flower.

That made me think wonderfully, romantic, foofy things.

(And was perfectly focused all on its own).

(So it didn’t make me whoozy).

(And I was so relieved).


Pictures by: Heidi

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5 thoughts on “Searching for the yellow flower

  1. I love the leaf that wanted in the picture with the yellow flower. I think it really adds to the character of the whole photo. Thanks for posting it even if you wanted it gone. But my real question is: When are you going to finish that zebra story???? Please don’t leave us hanging for days or weeks or longer waiting to know how it ends… You will definitely deserve every story Bubbers has to tell.

  2. The leaf adds character…so it doesn’t look like everyone else’s yellow flower pictures! I have some nicely focused flower pics from my film SLR (back when I still used it) but to get a short depth of field like that with my current camera, I would ALWAYS have to use gaussian blur.

  3. You should have taken the picture of the wilted yellow flower anyway, just so you could always remember that you took the time in the first place to even notice the flower and the leaf that was intruding in your picture! I’m glad that your evening out wasn’t a waste and that you got good pictures of other flowers.

  4. You still make it look easy…. Yeah, where’s the end to the Zebra story?

  5. Its so good when you have a great photo and then can change it to get even more amazing results. I like the sepia, it has such a timeless look.

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