A glimpse of heaven

Have you ever looked at a baby and wondered, “Do you miss God?”

Or wanted to ask them what they remember from before they were born?

When Bubbers was just born, I often held him close, searched his eyes and whispered, “What was heaven like?”

Or if he seemed upset for no reason, I’d cradle him and kiss his cheeks and ask, “Are you sad because you had to leave Heavenly Father and Jesus?  I’ll bet you miss them a lot.  I’ll bet they were your best friends.”

But as he’s gotten older, I don’t think of that as much.

Until last night, as the Little Man was getting ready for bed…..


“Okay, Little Man,” Daddy smiled, “We’re done brushing your teeth, now it’s time to read your book about Jesus.”

“That’s right!” I said as I set Bubbers on the bathroom floor, “Let’s go get your book.”

With arms swinging and a big grin, Bubbers headed straight for his room, retrieved his book off the ottoman and handed it to me.

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“Thank you!” I said as I sat cross legged on the floor.

Still grinning, Bubbers turned around and backed up into my lap.

I laughed and squeezed him tight, “I sure love you, Little Man!”

Then Charming sat across from us and I handed him the book.

Charming opened the book so Bubbers could see it and started reading.

As usual, Bubbers carefully listened to his Daddy and looked at every page before turning to the next one.

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“Our Savior is fairer than all God’s creations,” Charming said, altering the words to include all of us.

Bubbers turned the page.

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“He guides us through the darkness because He is the Light of the World,” Charming continued.

Bubbers pointed at the picture and said, “Dah!”

“Yes, that’s Jesus!” Charming and I explained simultaneously.

“He’s our Savior,” I told him as I pointed along with him.

Bubbers turned the page again.

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“Our Savior is our friend and knows our every need,” Charming read.

Suddenly, I felt Bubbers sit up away from me and lean a little closer towards the book.

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He didn’t say anything.

He just looked at Jesus.

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And got closer and closer.

Until he finally touched the book with his sweet open lips.

Charming and I stared at him.

And then we stared at each other.

“Did he just kiss Jesus?” I asked Charming in disbelief.

Bubbers softly pulled back for a moment and then immediately leaned forward again, giving Jesus a long, precious Wooga kiss.

“He did!” Charming exclaimed with awe, “He’s kissing Jesus!”

Bubbers turned the page, found the next picture of Jesus and leaned forward to kiss him.

“I can’t believe this,” I said quietly, “I’ve never seen him do this before….. And he’s never seen us do this before….. And he’s never kissed anything but us and his puppets before…..”

Bubbers commenced to turn each page and spontaneously kiss each picture of Jesus until the end of the book.

And then he kissed the picture of Jesus on the back of the book.

All the while, his parents watched with hearts that swelled with love and faces lit up with smiles.

And when they eventually laid their precious little son of God in his crib and hugged him goodnight, they looked at him with renewed appreciation in their eyes.

Appreciation for a child sent from heaven.

Who recognized his Savior.

And then showed how much he loves Him.

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13 thoughts on “A glimpse of heaven

  1. I’ve always wondered if they are still that close to the veil that they remember everything. i catch keoki smiling at the ceiling at something. it’s cute! i love your moments, thanks for sharing them with us!

  2. Isnt that cool how kids always seem to recognise pictures of Jesus? Elora always used to point them out on our walls, and she’d wave to them. I think she also kissed one of her books with him before too. How sweet.

  3. Children remind us of who we are and what we should be doing. Again, thank you for sharing such a touching moment.

  4. Such a sweet story. I remember similar moments with each one of my kids – like when Matt looked and the pictures of Jesus that I had taped above his changing table and said very clearly, “Dee-zus!” (and he was barely 12 mos. old!). We have that same beautiful board book and use it during sacrament meeting. One Sunday Lizzy did the same thing – she kissed every picture, w/o any prompting from us or anything! I also love how kids will often recognize Him in paintings they’ve never even seen before.

    You’re obviously doing a fantastic job of being Bubber’s first teacher! Keep up the good work. :)

  5. That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard! Preston is usually wriggling when we try to read scriptures to him. I absolutely love that book, I’m going to have to get one. :)

  6. Oh, I love all these stories! Thank you everyone!
    @Kara: I couldn’t get that link to work. :( I’m very curious to see what it is!

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