The Water Park (a play-by-play…)

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A couple weeks ago, Charming was out of town on business for almost a whole week.

And the minute I waved goodbye to him as he pulled out of the driveway, the loneliness swooped down on me and my heart began to ache.

Oh boy, I thought, If I’m feeling lonely already and he hasn’t even been gone for a whole 30 seconds, I’m in real trouble…..!

So I did the only thing I could think of to bandaid the sad, empty feeling where my heart used to be.

I filled all day every day with playgroups, activities and company, so I hardly had any time to think about Charming and how much I missed him.

And that first afternoon, when the loneliness was especially poignant, I turned and asked the Bubbers king, “Would you like to go to the new water park that just opened down the street?”

“Dah!  Uh uh!” he responded and pointed out the window.

“Yes, I think there’ll be dogs there, too,” I said and considered the matter settled.

So, I pulled out his Costco swim diapers, slathered on the sunscreen and loaded up the car.

Then we drove the 2-1/2 minutes down the street to the huge park with a new water section and I set the Wooga man loose.

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Having never been this close to a water park before, Bubbers pointed his cute little finger with perplexed excitement.

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Then ventured a little closer while he stared up a storm.

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Then he looked back to make sure I was still there.

“I’m still here, son,” I smiled, “Go on in and play.”

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He didn’t quite know what to think of that suggestion.

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“I don’t quite know what to think of that suggestion.”

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But then all of a sudden, he took off with a vengeance!

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And latched on to the nearest railing.

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Where he stayed for the next 65 minutes, until I wondered if he was ever going to let go of it.

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And then he did!!!!

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But then immediately grabbed it again.

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And gave me a look that said, “I hope you’re comfortable, Mom, because we’re going to be here for a while longer.”

So I got comfortable.

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And then the little jokester took off!!

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And I stared at his cute little hands through my viewfinder.

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And I thought to myself, Holy smokes if I don’t just love the way he holds his hands up when he walks!

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I mean really….. Shouldn’t there be a law against thinking this is so cute?!?

And that’s when he whipped around and backtracked all his little Wooga steps.

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“Hey, I just wanted to make sure it was still here,” he explained.

“Don’t worry, son,” I smiled, “It’s still there.”

“Oh good,” he sighed…..

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….. And then walked into a mud puddle.

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And tried to figure out how to turn the thing on.

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While I admired his cute little Wooga feet.

In their cute little Wooga sandals.

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Then I kissed his little Wooga head and pushed the button for him.

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“Holy smokes!” he said, “That was pretty cool!”

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Then some kids started crowding him to get water for their sand castles.

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But he knew what to do!

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And he waited until the coast was clear.

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While I admired his wonderful Wooga rolls.

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And the cute grip of his Wooga fingers.

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Until all the kids were finally gone and he ventured back.

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“Will you please turn it on for me again?” he asked very politely.

“Why of course!” I answered and happily obliged.

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“This is so neat,” he said in awe.

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Until some more kids started crowding him again.

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To get more water for their sand castles.

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And Bubbers suddenly declared, “Sayonara!”

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And I smiled to see his little Wooga body in such a big space.

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And wondered if he would finally venture a little further into the water toys.

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But then he stopped.

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And turned.

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And came back to me.

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And said, “I’m done, Mom. Let’s do something else now.”

“Okay, son,” I answered, “I’ve got just the thing I know you’ll love…..”

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“….. Eating wood chips!”

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“….. Through osmosis!!”

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7 thoughts on “The Water Park (a play-by-play…)

  1. Heidi:
    I can hardly wait until Bubbers grows up and turns the tables on you. I’m sure there will be many wonderful stories he will tell on you!!! He just has to have inherited your talent for telling stories and taking pictures. Thanks for sharing the wonder of it all.
    Love, dawn

  2. Heidi

    This is such a cute and lovable story, thank you for sharing this special moment with your little man, your photos of the day are so memorable and I have a nice smile on my face.

  3. That is a fantastic park! 2 1/2 minutes away too. Looks like the little man really enjoyed himself. Lucky mommy!

  4. Wow – that looks like such a cool place – and so close, too! Lucky you! :) Great story and wonderful pictures of his pudgy cuteness. Baby rolls, baby hands, and baby toes are the greatest. And as for the woodchips…a kid’s gotta get his fiber, right? ;)

  5. How fun!
    Joshua loves when the neighbors turn sprinklers on or bring out the kiddie pool. He and Elora got to experience both for the first time together.

  6. Fun! We have recently started visiting our local water park more often. It’s so great that you take the time to capture his “Wooga rolls” and such. I miss my kid’s rolls!

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