Save Our Shed

Please allow me to introduce you…..

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….. to our shed.

She’s in our backyard and, as you can see, in dire need of a new complexion.

When we first bought our house and saw our little shed out back, Charming said, “Let’s paint it red with white trim.  Like a barn.”

I narrowly eyed the one brown side of the shed and said, “Hm, I don’t know.  I kind of like the brown…..  I think it would look good in pictures.”

“Aw deeb!” Charming laughed and rolled his eyes affectionately, “Everything comes down to pictures with you, doesn’t it?”

I smiled and shrugged my shoulders, “Maybe.”

Charming smiled back and shook his head and we went back to chasing the Wooga monster around the deck.

Then a couple months later, Charming said again, “I think it’s time to paint the shed.  I’d still like to paint it red with white trim.  What do you think?”

By this time, my infamous first customers had come and gone and I’d taken this picture:

PICT0285 for blog

And I’d roundly decided the brown was what I wanted.

So, I told Charming, “The brown is what I want.”

And being the great sport that he is, he nodded and said, “Okay.  Let’s do the brown.”

Then he rummaged around inside the shed and produced a can of finishing stain that the previous owner had left behind.

“I think this is the brown stain they started to use,” Charming said, “I’ll use it to start right away!”

And he eagerly painted a strip on the side of the shed, stepped back, scratched his chin and then came inside to get me.

“Uh, Heidi,” he said in a tone that made me nervous, “It’s not the brown after all…..”

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“Holy smokes, you’re right!” I replied, “That’s definitely not the brown…..”

Then we stepped back to assess it.

“So what do you think?” Charming asked, “I kind of like it.  And we already have the can.  What do you say we just use it and do the whole thing?”

My photographer’s eye recoiled and I said, “Well, it’s okay…..  But I don’t think it would look as good in pictures as the neutral brown does.  I think it would clash…..”

“You really think so?” Charming asked, looking at it more closely, “I’m not so sure it would.  I think it would be okay.”

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I looked closer, too, and my photographer’s eye started to really shudder.

“Nope, sorry, I just don’t feel good about this…..” I said, “Do you mind holding off on painting the rest until we can decide?”

Charming nodded in his easygoing manner, “That’s fine. I guess there’s no rush to finish it right now.”

Then I pulled out my pictures and did a little copying and pasting, to get an idea of what that color would have looked like with my first customers…..

PICT0285 for blog edited

And this rough idea is what I came up with.

So now I’m turning to you, my dear friends.

And ask for your help in answering our pressing question…..



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14 thoughts on “Save Our Shed

  1. Amended:
    The results of this poll (“results”) shall not be binding and the family (“owners”) reserve the right at any time to blatantly ignore reason, sanity and the vote of others in the pursuit of painting their shed (“Fred”).

    Furthermore, results shall not indicate the intention on the part of owners to paint Fred any color and owners reserve the right to do absolutely nothing and leave Fred with a Multi-Color Paint Job.

    By reading this post and/or this comment, you agree to the terms enclosed herein.

  2. Heidi:
    The stuff you have is definitely too red. If you must change it at all keep it the color that was started on it. You can have it matched at a paint store. Even taking in a picture of it should do the trick. Good luck. It is a lovely shed, but don’t paint it red!!!

  3. I dunno. Red is my fave color. I wanted to paint our entire front room red (Jase nixed that tho) And red barns? *love* I’m with M on this one:) Although do take into account that no one has ever accused me of having an “artistic eye.”

  4. I don’t think its too red. It has an orangy quality to it, but I like it. Perhaps it does clash with the girls shirt, but if she were wearing blue or white, it might be okay. Or not.
    I like it anyway.

  5. I am very indecisive, but there is no doubt in my mind it needs to be the neutral color! When I first saw your photo shoot pictures I even thought, “man, I need a shed!” :) But I love the effect of the lighter color.

  6. I think the more red brown color does clash with that cute girl’s shirt, but when put with other colors it will look amazing. So I say stick with what you found in the garage. And I have to give a shout out to red- I love red barns. :) But probably in appropriate settings. Good luck deciding.

  7. Hello Heidi

    I think I like the first colour, but a red barn style shed with white trim would be wonderful to have in your back yard, like the fisher price toy barn my children have.

  8. I vote for…even though it’s not an option on the poll…whatever takes less upkeep in the long run. Nothing worse than painting something, and having to repaint it later when it fades, crackes, chips, peals, looks weathered etc….I do like the whole rustic looking look.

  9. Yes the new color does clash with the pink shirt. But the brown could easily clash with a different color. If the brown had clashed, you wouldn’t have thought to have her pose against the shed.
    I personally would go with the stain you already have, because I try to live by the motto “Fix it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” So already having the stain, I would use it. If I didn’t have that stain already though, I would probably select the brown, in purchasing a new stain.

  10. Heidi…. I took some wedding photos of a couple near a red and white tractor and they were my favorite I wish the groom would of been a bit more responsive to my ideas but since he wasn’t I couldn’t get the shots I wanted….take a look at my blog the spelling of my name is different then my other blog. I will post those pictures for you to see how the red and white turn out. Red is a great contrast color in photos many times I wish that I could find a red barn!

  11. Hmmm… I think any of the choices could be nice, depending on what you are going for, but the more I think about it, the more I like the lighter brown color. The stuff you found in the shed could be fine. It would blend with the trees. A red barn-ish shed could be a fun focal point. You could plant sunflowers around it. It would be like a little farm in your backyard! :) The lighter brown is nice. It’s neutral enough that it won’t stand out if you don’t want it to, but rather than being a dark corner shed, it would be a nice little spot of sunshine between your trees. Yep, I think I like the lighter brown.

  12. Maybe its just the way the color shows up on our computer, but it doesn’t look too red or orange to me at all. I really love warm shades like that in wood. And if I could get a bit artsy on ya, green and red oppose each other on the color wheel, and are therefore complimentary to the eye when juxtaposed. In other words, red hughs and green hughs make for an aesthetically pleasing back yard!

  13. Would you have enough of the stain that you found in the garage to finish the whole thing? If not, I think you should get the lighter brown color. :)

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