Snapshot in time: 15 months old

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  • Weight: 32 inches (75%ile)
  • Height: 25 pounds, 5.5 ounces (50%ile)

New accomplishments:

  • Hugging us back!!!  (often with his head on your shoulder at the same time–too precious for words!)
  • “Folding his arms” (but actually his hands) for prayers
  • Climbing!!  (Onto chairs, couches, coffee table, slides, etc.)
  • Spontaneously “cleaning up” and putting away toys (and then dumping them out again)
  • Snapping himself into his toy booster seat (and calling for me to come unsnap him again)
  • Walking very fast (and being suuuuper close to running)
  • Sweetly sleeping with his stuffed blue dog, stuffed polar bear (from my childhood!) and green blanket (each one chosen very carefully and with great affection by him)
  • Feeding himself with a spoon (with occasional support)
  • Doing the hand motions for “Wheels on the Bus” (“wheels”, “wipers”, “driver”, “sh! sh! sh!”)
  • Pointing to some of his body parts! (nose, eyes, lips, ears, toes, & tummy-with varying degrees of accuracy)

New Receptive Vocabulary:

  • “Time to change your diaper!” (goes into his room)
  • “Fold your arms” or “It’s time for prayer” (his eyes light up and he clasps his hands together–so cute!!)
  • “Sit down” (looks at me and then sits down)
  • “Do you want to have a lesson?” (smiles, goes to the closet for the lesson pictures, goes and sits by fridge to wait for the lesson to begin)
  • “Do you want to go outside?” (goes to the back door)
  • “Let’s go to the car” (goes to the garage door)
  • “Get your shoes” (looks for and gets his shoes)
  • “Turn around” (turns around and goes down the stairs)
  • “Can I have a hug?” (pauses, smiles and then walks into my arms)
  • “Do you want to read a book?” (pauses, smiles and then takes off to get a book)
  • “It’s time to eat” (eagerly walks to his booster seat and tries to buckle the straps–before he’s even in it) :)

New Expressive Vocabulary (and other vocalizations):

What he’s doing right now:

  • Peacefully sleeping in his crib for the night after being ceremoniously laid on his pillow, given his bear and his dog, and tucked firmly into his green blanket with only his sweet angelic face and right arm free.  And as we head for the door, his little right arm waves and his angelic face smiles good night.

Teeth watch:

  • Top: Four (and 2 molars that just broke through)
  • Bottom: Four (and 2 molars making initial bumps in his gums)
  • Possible teething symptoms: An unexplained low-grade fever (101 degrees F) for a couple days

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What he’s wearing:

  • 24 mos. onesies
  • 18 mos. tops and bottoms
  • 24 mos. socks
  • size 3 or 4 shoes
  • size 4 diapers

How he’s sleeping:

  • About 11 1/2-12 hours at night (6:00 p.m. to 5:30 or 6:00 a.m.)
  • Morning nap and afternoon nap

His Favorites:

  • Smiling and playing with other people and kids
  • Filling up and pouring out his rinse pitcher during bath time
  • Standing at the sink and filling up and pouring out my measuring cup
  • Playing Dad’s guitar
  • Giving Mom the caterpillar and butterfly puppets to wear and then giving the caterpillar blocks for building towers
  • Backing up until he runs into my bed and then squealing and smiling at me (and then repeating it over and over)
  • Mom’s crazy puppet shows
  • Occasionally throwing his stuffed animals, pillow and blanket out of his crib when he’s supposed to be sleeping :)
  • Free concerts at the library and park
  • Using the car keys to unlock the car, door jams, the dryer, walls, his toy car, and anything else that holds still
  • Mom and Dad’s Pocket PC’s
  • Asking what something is, watching me say the word and then trying to say it himself
  • Wearing blankets and marching around the house, kicking out his left leg extra high
  • Sitting in his car from Papa and gg and then “calling” for Mom or Dad to come push him
  • Wrapping things around his neck (one of his more dangerous pastimes…..)
  • Being read to and looking at books (Wheels on the Bus; Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?)
  • Knocking over my stack of blocks and trying to stack them himself
  • Standing on a chair and “helping” Mommy make lunch and dinner
  • Pushing buttons on the heater, thermometer, ceiling fan remote, TV remote, bubble machine and calculator
  • Knocking on doors
  • Climbing up into the leather rocking chair, putting his hands on the armrests, leaning back and smiling as he rocks and rocks
  • Climbing up slides and then going down them on his tummy
  • Doing anything that Mommy and Daddy are doing
  • Nursing

His Not-So-Favorites:

  • Being told “no” (especially if he’s tired or hungry)
  • Not getting what he wants (especially if he’s tired or hungry)

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Dad’s Favorites:

  • Calling me from the toy room to push him in his car
  • Slobbery kisses
  • Throwing my hat down the slide and pushing him down to get it
  • Showing him new trees and birds in the backyard
  • Walking around with him outside
  • Going to Lowe’s with him
  • Playing with the dog puppet with him
  • Slapping my back when I’m not looking

Dad’s Not-So-Favorites:

  • When he’s cranky
  • Not wanting to see me after he nurses before bed

Mom’s Favorites:

  • His sweet hugs and kisses
  • Floaties in my water glass
  • His awesome laugh when I nibble his sides
  • Taking my finger and leading me around
  • Wondering what on earth he’s going to do next! :)
  • How cute he looks when he’s laying in his crib–his head on his big pillow, one arm wrapped around his dog, the other arm wrapped around his polar bear, his green blanket tucked over them all, and his sweet grin as he watches us leave the room  :)
  • Listening to him wrestle with his Daddy
  • When he suddenly pops around the corner doing something I never would have expected (like pushing his ride-on truck while wearing his big chain link necklace) (???)
  • Cuddling with him on my bed while he drinks his juice bottle after a nap
  • How long his shorts look on him (reminds me of a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon I saw once)
  • When he fell asleep as I sang Primary songs to him while he laid with me on the couch once
  • How well he knows and loves our daily routines
  • When he learns to say a new word with his wonderful Wooga articulation
  • Finding and secretly watching him as he quietly plays by himself in the toy room
  • Watching him concentrate on new things (especially the concerts and shows I’ve been taking him to this summer)
  • How he holds both arms up in the air while he walks
  • Watching him interact with and charm people
  • How he loves to use my keys to “unlock” everything in the house
  • When he gets tired or scared and turns and runs into my arms for comfort and snuggles
  • Reaching up his hand and “asking” for a snack while we’re driving in the car (and then I contort my body to reach back and hand him one) :)
  • Having him reach up to hold my finger while he walks on treacherous ground
  • His wide eyes, gaping mouth stare at something that absolutely fascinates him
  • His soft skin and chubby cheeks
  • Hearing him call my name (very rare–but I sure love it when he does!!)
  • Nursing him

Mom’s Not-So-Favorites:

  • When he suddenly decides he doesn’t want me to change his diaper (but, fortunately, his mind is easily redirected)

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Things I’m looking forward to:

  • Hearing more and more words out of that little mouth
  • Him walking into the room one day and saying, “Mommy!  Mommy!  Watch this!” or “Come play!” or “Look at this!”

Coming out from quarantine…

Hello everyone!

Charming told me I need to rest and go to bed early tonight and I agree with him.

(It takes longer to recover from a miscarriage than I thought it would…..  And did I mention it was hugely more painful than I ever knew it was?  It was like childbirth without any medical support, help or intervention.  And right when I could have really used an epidural, the last thing on earth I wanted to do was stand up, get inside a car and drive to a hospital to get one.  Why didn’t I ever know this before?  Is it supposed to be a secret?  Or maybe it’s just different for every woman?…..  But holy smokes!  There’s gotta be a better way to educate people about these things and then help them through it…..!)

Charming also told me I shouldn’t worry about posting tonight.

And I agreed with him, but I just had to post a little something to let y’all know we’re doing very well.

And we’re totally overwhelmed with the outpouring of love, support and kindness from everyone.

You all are some amazing, thoughtful people.

And we can’t believe we’re blessed to have you as our friends.

Thank you!!!!!



p.s.  Here are two of my favorite moments from today–taken from some wonderfully precious tickle time I shared with the Bubbers man before bed: [Tickle Number One] and [Tickle Number Two]

The Zebra Story (Parts 1, 2 & 3)

Part 1:

“Hey Heidi,” my Dad said as he poked his head into my room, “I’m gonna go to a llama ranch across the valley, do you want to come along?”

I was laying on my water bed, completely engrossed in a Nancy Drew mystery novel.

“Um, I don’t know…..,” I said with characteristic teenage uncertainty.

Every once in a while, my Dad liked to visit other local llama owners and swap business ideas and rearing practices.

I often went with him, but this morning I was gripped in the suspenseful plot of the book in my hands.

Smiling to himself, my Dad continued, “Well your Mom and sister are coming.  And I thought you might like to see the llamas…..  And the zebras.”

He said the last sentence with complete nonchalance and I almost missed it.

“The what?!” I asked, sitting up and staring at my father.

“The zebras,” he repeated with a chuckle.

I immediately launched off my bed, “You bet I’m coming!!  I’ve never seen anyone with pet zebras!!”


When we finally arrived at the ranch, we poured out of the car and were greeted by the owner of the ranch.

My father stepped forward and they shook hands and introduced themselves–having heard of each other through other local llama owners.

As they talked, I eagerly scanned the surrounding corrals for anything that looked like a zebra.

“Do you see them?” I whispered to my Mom and sister, who were also looking for them.

“No,” they shook their heads.

Then my Dad and the owner started to walk off towards the nearest llama pen.

I elbowed my Mom and she politely called out, “Excuse me!”

They stopped and turned back towards us.

“Excuse me,” she said again, “Could you tell us where the zebras are?”

The owner smiled and pointed to a far off pasture, “They’re down there,” he said and then turned away.

“Thank you!” we called and the three of us started off in the direction he pointed.


“I still don’t see any zebras,” I said with disappointment.

We’d been walking for quite sometime, but all we saw were empty pastures and a few llamas and sheep.

“They must be in the next pasture,” my Mom said as we came upon another gate.

“You’re probably right,” I said and we opened the gate and walked into the next pasture.

We looked around, but still didn’t see anything.

“Well, they’ve gotta be around here somewhere,” my Mom said hopefully, “Let’s just keep walking.”

While we walked through the large pasture, we talked about how fun it would be to see a zebra up close.

“They’re always so far away in a zoo,” my sister said, “It will be fun to pet one.”

I nodded with excitement, “And maybe we can feed them grass or something.”

Suddenly, I noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye and I curiously turned to look back at the ranch house.

I squinted in the sunlight and put a hand up to shade my eyes.

“Hey, Ma,” I said strangely, “Do you see that?”

“What, dear?” my Mom asked, turning in the direction I was looking.

“That man,” I said, “There’s a man up there and it looks like he’s yelling at us.”

We all stopped to watch.

“I think you’re right, dear,” my Mom said, “I wonder what he’s saying…..”

The man was running towards us at top speed, waving his hat and yelling frantically.

He looked very upset.

“What on earth can he be saying to us?” I mused outloud.

I cupped my ear and strained to hear.

He was very far away, but his words finally reached us and cut through the air.


“Get out!!!”

“The zebras will kill you!!!”

To be continued…..

Part 2:


“Get out!!!”

“The zebras will kill you!!!”

His words froze us on the spot.

My mind began to spin.

Zebras?….. Kill me?!?…..

These thoughts repeated themselves and swam around inside my head, trying to latch onto something coherent.

It had never crossed my waking mind that zebras could be dangerous.

Or that walking up to them in their pen was anything but a good idea.

After all, the ranch owner had blithely smiled us on our way without so much as a backward glance.

Nothing had occurred to make us think zebras were any more dangerous than the occasional skittish, spitting llama with a penchant for kicking that we knew we could easily handle.

It wasn’t long before the man, who was still racing toward us, reached the gate we had recently entered.

He hastily climbed up on the fence and urged us to come back.

“Get out, senoritas!  Get out!” he called repeatedly with great urgency as he tried to catch his breath.

Without a word, the three of us retraced our steps and slowly exited through the gate he held open.

As I followed my Mom through the gate, I looked over my shoulder at the empty pasture we were leaving with an arched eyebrow.

Is he telling the truth?…..  It sure doesn’t look like we’re in danger…..

But there was no denying the sincerity of his evident concern for us, so I had no choice but to believe him.

“We’re sorry,” my Mother finally broke our collective silence, “We just wanted to see the zebras and were told they were down here somewhere.”

Now that we were safely out of the zebra pasture, the man (whom I assumed was a ranch hand), collapsed against the fence, removed his straw hat and began to fan his bronzed, sweaty face with it.

He nodded his head, but didn’t speak until his breathing had finally steadied.

“Yes,” he said quickly as he pushed away from the fence, “You want to see zebras.  Come, senoritas, I will take you.  I will put you up high safe.”

Then he motioned for us to follow him.

I gave my Mom a confused look as we walked behind the man.

Up high safe?” I whispered, “What does that mean?”

My Mom shrugged and quietly answered, “I don’t know.  I guess we’ll find out soon.”

Eventually, we came upon a backhoe and the man halted.

Pulling a key out of his pocket, he began climbing into the driver’s seat.

As he climbed, he pointed to the shovel at the front of the backhoe.

“Sit, sit!” he instructed us.

The three of us stared at the huge shovel in front of us.

“Sit in there?!” I exclaimed as I pointed at the muddy shovel that laid on the ground.

“Yes!” the man declared, now seated in the driver’s seat and starting the engine, “I will put you up high safe.  Then you will see zebras.”

I looked at my Mom with a gaping mouth.

She had a little grin on her face and a fun sense of adventure in her eyes.

Briefly meeting my eye, she shrugged and said, “Here goes!”

Then she bent down and sat in the shovel.

My sister said, “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” and followed my Mother’s example.

Hesitating, I looked from the man I didn’t know sitting up in the backhoe, to the muddy shovel in front of me, to the apparently empty pasture we’d just left.

This is just too weird, I thought as I finally settled into the shovel.

We held on tight as he slowly raised the shovel up off the ground, causing our feet to dangle over the sharp edge.

Then he kicked it in gear and we bumped along over the dirt and sagebrush back to the forbidden pasture.

It was too noisy to talk much, so my Mom, my sister and I just sat in our backhoe shovel and kept our eyes peeled for anything that resembled a zebra among the sagebrush and trees.

Then suddenly we all stiffened.

There they were.

Way off in the approaching distance, we saw them…..

To be continued…..

Part 3:

From our perch up in the backhoe shovel, the zebras looked very small.

But they were definitely there.

My heart rate accelerated and a smile came to my lips.

There they are! I thought, Real live zebras!

I turned to my sister and Mom.

They looked just as excited as I felt.

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As we rumbled closer, the zebras perked up and looked at us.

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And quite understandably, they appeared to be as interested in us as we were in them.

(Something about three gals sitting in a backhoe shovel with their feet sticking out).

(Probably not something they saw every day).

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Then the man driving the backhoe slowed to a stop and let us just sit and watch them for a while.

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They were truly beautiful.

And as I clutched onto the sharp edge of the shovel, I shook my head in disbelief.

And to think, I smiled to myself, I almost missed all this because I wanted to stay home and read a Nancy Drew novel!

(The End!)

So that, my dear blog readers, is how I almost got killed by a herd of zebras. :)


Pictures by: Teenage Heidi